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Network Security - A Hacker's Perspective
Network Security - A Hacker's Perspective

Network Security - A Hacker's Perspective

by Ankit Fadia

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0333939190 - Year: 2002 - Pages: 342



Ankit Fadia

Author: Ankit Fadia
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 342
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0333939190


This book has been authored Ankit Fadia, who at age seventeen is an independent security and digital intelligence consultant and has definitive experience in the field of network security. Network Security, is a must read for IP addresses, scanning, fingerprinting & information gathering, various types of attacks, secure protocols, encryption algorithms, and file security. It follows a unique pattern of explanation for each title i.e.; the loophole, the concept behind the loophole, how attackers exploit the loophole, the tools used and the detection and countermeasures.




1. IP Addresses: Your identity on the Internet

IP Addresses Torn Apart

Netstat Made Easy

Proxy Servers Torn Apart

Getting Geographical Information Using an IP address

2. Scanning, Fingerprinting and Information Gathering

Port Scanning Unscanned

Daemon Banner Grabbing

ICMP: A Mammoth Description

Fingerprinting Techniques

Getting Information on a remote Router

Getting Information on a remote systems Routing Tables

Remote OS Detection by Email Headers Fingerprinting

3. Under Attack!!!

DOS Attacked

IP Spoofing: A Mammonth Description

TCP Wrappers unwrapped

Attacks on Password Files

Removing Footprints/Traces from a Remote System

Trojan/Ket Logger Attacks

4. Secure Protocols, Encryption Algorithsm and File Security

SSL Torn Apart

Kerberos Torn Apart

Encryption Algorithms Torn Apart

Base 64 Encoding Torn Apart


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