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Pakistan°s Afghan Gambit
Pakistan’s Afghan Gambit

Pakistan°s Afghan Gambit

by Wilson John

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Har Anand Publications


9788124117958 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 244



Wilson John
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Author: Wilson John
Aryaman Bhatnagar/Several Contributors
Publisher: Har Anand Publications
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 244
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788124117958


Pakistan’s policy towards Afghanistan has long been perceived as being treacherous. It has sustained and hosted religious extremist groups to pursue its objectives in Afghanistan. However, this has, in part, been an outcome of the bilateral tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan shaped by their territorial, religious and ethnic divides. Both countries have attempted to play a destabilizing role in the other while seeking to maximize their own benefits. For some time since 1979 this game shifted decisively in Pakistan’s favor and is expected to do so even more post-2014.

The continuation of support to terror groups in the region by Pakistan will pose one of the biggest challenges to the prospects of peace and stability in Afghanistan, and to India’s interests in the region.

However, as Pakistan itself deals with multiple problems on the socio-economic, political and security fronts, its Afghan policy post-2014 is likely to factor in these internal challenges as well.

This volume seeks to explore Pakistan’s policy towards Afghanistan, especially post-the US intervention of 2001. It will examine the internal and external compulsions that have shaped Pakistan’s goals and strategies vis-à-vis A Afghanistan; the landscape of terror Pakistan has spawned for over three decades; and the possible fallout of the US troops withdrawal on Pakistan and its sponsored proxies.

The volume, in conclusion, examines the impact of the changing situation on India and some of the serious challenges on the horizon.



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Strategic Playbook by Wilson John and Taruni Kumar

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Appendix 1: Afghanistan – Pakistan Timeline
Appendix 2: The Taliban: A Brief Profile
Appendix 3: Profile of Major Terrorist Groups in the Region
Appendix 4: The Durand Line Agreement
Appendix 5: The Geneva Accords of 1988 (Afghanistan)
Appendix 6: Peshawar Accord
Appendix 7: Afghan Peace Accord (Islamabad Accord)

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