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Poetry with Young People
Poetry with Young People

Poetry with Young People

by Shivarjun B Rao

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Sahitya Akademi


9798126024291 - Year: 2008 - Pages: 134



Shivarjun B Rao
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Author: Shivarjun B Rao
Kabir/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Gieve Patel
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 134
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9798126024291


This volume is an anthology of poems in English by children and edited by Gieve Patel.

This collection of poems written by students between the ages of twelve and eighteen is distinguished by its pervasive tone at full-grown awareness. The poems come from a workshop conducted by well-known writer Gieve Patel over a period of a decade. They deal with a wide variety of experiences, from a moving camaraderie to violent aggression, from a deep love and understanding of Nature to a concern for its fate in today's world. There are poems here also about friends, animals, neighbors, teachers, lovers and mothers.

The book will be of interest to students, parents, teachers, educationists, psychologists, and to anyone who is curious to meet with young minds. A lively and entertaining introduction by Gieve
Patel details the steps by which the poems got to be written. The poems are illustrated by tour at India's most distinguished artists.



List of Illustrations
Introduction by Gieve Patel

1. Stars by Shivarjun B Rao
2. Blue Whale by Kabir
3. Rickshaw!!! Vigyan
4. The Smiling Doll by Vigyan
5. Exams by Varun J
6. Cat by Varun J
7. Ancient Table by Divyangana Rakesh
8. Thirst by David Mathews
9. Believe Me by Divyangana Rakesh
10. It’s Cold by Divyangana Rakesh
11. Dustbin by Divyangana Rakesh
12. Prayer by Aneesh M
13. True Friendship by Sunanda N
14. The President’s Pen by Kingshuk Paul
15. Stray Dog by Nidhi Doshi
16. Maintenance of a Pond by Aayu Malhotra
17. A Portrait of My Grandfather by Amoolya Mannava
18. A Butterfly by Srividya Hasumi Fujiwara
19. My Friend Can’t Hear Me by Srividya Hasumi Fujiwara
20. Emptiness by Pranav Pandit
21. The Universe by Aparajith V
22. Gopal Menon!!! by Rohit Reddy
23. The Silent Valley by K. Prathima
24. The Human Jungle by Diya Sharma
25. Friends by Rijuta Agarwal
26. That’s How It Is by Kartik Yejju
27. An English Breakfast Crosses the Limits of Desire by Shankar Jayaram
28. Nature Thoughts by Rhea Richard D’Silva
29. Sleep by Kriti Sharma
30. Retirement by Anichya Gujral
31. Epigram by Abhinay B
32. Do They Exist? By Amulya C
33. Tall Dark and Handsome by Kabeer Badal
34. On Religion by Ashesh Dhawale
35. Death by Ashesh Dhawale
36. Kids by Harshita
37. The World as Is by Karuna Anantharaman
38. Class Room by Kshema Divakar
39. Confusion by Tarshish Thekaekara
40. Encounter with Machine by Bhushan
41. The Wind by Katyayani Palur
42. Distraught by Kalyani Jaishankar
43. Earthquake by Kalyani Jaishankar
44. Poem by Dipti Sharadendu
45. Loneliness by Anonymous
46. Pencil by Hemali Shah
47. Death by Karma V Krishnan
48. Streaming by Sumantu Iyer
49. Through the Binocular by Shivkumar Ganesh
50. The Night by Sindhu Raavi
51. The Tree by Deepak Kudapa
52. ‘Why Can’t We by Chandana Anusha
53. The Scorpion by Dev Gopalkrishnan
54. Bakery by Varshini Varadaraj
55. The Mound by Soonya Vanichkorn
56. Teacher by Aanchal Bharati
57. Yah! By Mohnish Sen
58. Sleep by Mohnish Sen
59. Longing for Home by Anasuya Das
60. Younger Sister by Vinayak Uppal
61. Smoke by Shruti Asokan
62. Star Gazing by Baasir Gaisawat
63. Unemployment by Bilawal Singh Suri
64. The Oil Rig by Chaitanya Reddy
65. Reaching by Shyam Sundar
66. End of Day by Seetha E S
67. The Flame by Thejasvi B R
68. Waiting by Radha Chandy
69. Plants that Grow Faster than Bamboo by Saurabh Seth
70. Coorg by Ronak Soni
71. Skilful Fish Catcher by Zarir De Vitre
72. Encounter by Tarun N
73. My Mind by Bhasha Chakrabarti
74. Lucifer: The Bringer of Light by Farooq Dehlvi
75. The Lantern by Ashwita Ambast
76. Abandoned School by Pavithra Ramesh
77. Rain by Raeesa Vakil
78. A Kind of War by Raeesa Vakil
79. Between by Raeesa Vakil
80. Rain in Afghanistan by Raeesa Vakil
81. Crow by Soumya Negi
82. The Wind by Soumya Negi
83. Askew by Prakruti Ramesh
84. Music by Salamat Hussain
85. Mother by Harsha Yejju
86. Fever by Anand J Brunst
87. Old Diary by Sanhita Ambast
88. Blossom by Sanhita Ambast
89. The Bull by Mimansa
90. Portrait by Vidya Ramesh
91. My Mother before Her Morning Cup of Tea by Natasha Vakil
92. Trapped by Natasha Vakil
93. Guiltless by Sagarika Sundarai
94. Rain by N Dhruv
95. Journey by Richard Nigel Saldanha
96. Woes of a Confucius by Chaitanya Reddy R
97. My Friend by Ishan Mahapatra
98. A Mother‘s Ruminations by Srigeetha Sumanogna M
99. Work by Vaibhav Parekh
100. Alienated by Katya Viswanathan
101. Bottle of Honey by Tanya Marwah
102. In Afghanistan by Anonymous
103. My Sister by Athang Jain
104. The Kingfisher by Yoganand Chillarige
105. Hourglass in the l.C.U. by Yoganand Chillarige
106. Fellow Student by Suhani Saraogi
107. Weaver by Ashima Shenoy
108. Childbearing during Bombardment by Eesha Ghate
109. He Watched by Saranya N
110. A Tribute to the Great Game of Bridge by Raghavendra Rao
111. Tortoise by Mana Dhanraj Contractor
112. Afternoon by Atishe Chordia
113. The Poet-Cobbler during Bombardment by Atishe Chordia
114. Fellow Student by Kabir Ramola
115. Caution to a Bully by Namrata Kartik
116. Conundrum by Kiran
117. First Time for Everything by K S Bhushan
118. Brown by Nachiappan Ramanathan
119. Futility by Nachiappan Ramanathan
120. Advice to a Young Lad (AD: 1943) by Anand Rao
121. To a Noisy Neighbor by Anandi Rao
122. Celebrations by Ishan Agarwal
123. Dustbin by Ajay Krishnan
124. Mysore Zoo by Ishan Agarwal
125. Boredom by Ajay Krishnan
126. Dog by Karthik
127. About Myself by Ambika Kamath
128. The Difference by Harish
129. A Rat in the Kitchen by M N Ankur
130. Giraffe: Beauty in the Beast by M N Ankur
131. Satibai Akka by M N Ankur
132. A Mother Speaks by Revathi D
133. Moulded Together by Tanay Blantarapu
134. Ant by Tanay Balantarapu
135. You by Parul Johri
136. A Glimpse of My Great Grandmother by Mallika Gopal
137. Portrait by Tariq Thekaekara
138. The Walk by Tariq Thekaekara
139. Aloe Vera by Svadhvitha V
140. Tripod - The Three—Legged Wonder Dog by Muthu A
141. Sister by Muthu A
142. Car of My Dreams by Gautum
143. A Question by Siddharth Bhatia
144. By Appointment by Melati Kaye
145. Father by Aparajit Basu
146. Clay by Aparajit Basu
147. An Exchange by Payal Kapadia
148. The Bombings by Ranjit Gulvady
149. Bombay by Payal Kapadia
150. Tobacco by Advait Sarkar
151. And Time Passes by Advait Sarkar
152. Some Others by Paisol Somprasit
153. Brothers by Adithi Manohar
154. Not Long Ago by Alisha Raghavan

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