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Political Diary
Political Diary

Political Diary

by Deendayal Upadhyaya

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Suruchi Prakashan


9789381500149 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 208



Deendayal Upadhyaya
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Author: Deendayal Upadhyaya
Foreword/Introduction: Dr. Sampurnanand
Publisher: Suruchi Prakashan
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381500149



These papers as one sees, may roughly be put into three groups. The First is chiefly devoted to political polemics, mainly newspaper polemics at that. The contents of these articles have no importance in themselves. In a way, they were meant only for the occasion when they were written. They are alive with the spirit of thrust and counter thrust which is the characteristic of political battles particularly those conducted in the field of electioneering.

They can serve one useful purpose at a later date also. This is, as I take the justification for their inclusion in this volume. They will supply to the reader of a later age some of the psychological glow, that touch of excitement, which animated those who took part in those old battles. Without something of the psychological. Material an account of the events of those days might appear to be very dull reading.

There is the second class of papers closely allied to the first but longer, going deeper and supplying more food to thought. Such material would be invaluable for anyone who, say after a decade or so, wants to go into the history of those days.

He will get from articles like these not only material for understanding what happened and why it happened, he would be able to form an idea on why certain individuals and slogans were able to capture the popular imagination. What part reason played in the statements issued by various parties? In short, this supplies that absolutely necessary fill-in material without which no history of the recent Past could be a well connected and comprehensive narrative.

There is also I must point out the third class among those papers, unfortunately much too few in numbers. This class of pape3rs goes much beyond the present tim4e even though they w3ere dictated by circumstances which arose in a temporary set up.



Fourth Plan Disappoints
Problems of Economic Growth
Morarji's 1963 Budget
GOI's Gold Policy
The Third Plan X-Rayed
State Trading in Food grains
On PL 480 Agreements
Public versus Private Sector
Cooperative Farms—an Essay in Confusion!
India, Pakistan & the United States
U.S. Military Aid to Pakistan
Can We Afford to Compromise On Kashmir?
Some Impressions of the West
Foreign Policy and Defence
Of Congo, and Berubari
India, and the Queen
Some Thoughts on the Commonwealth
India, Nepal & Democracy
Why Sanskritised Hindi
Swabhasha and Subhasha
Lessons of the Chinese Attack: Have We Learnt Them?
Menon Must Go
Should We Opt for Alignment?
Let Government Trust the People
Chinese Aggression and the GOI
‘By an Inch or a Mile'
Chinese Threat and the C.P.I.
India's Stake in Tibet's Freedom
Some Thoughts on Election Law
Code of Conduct for Parties
Congress and Democracy
Democracy and Political Parties
Legislative Wing versus Party Wing
Your Vote (1)
Your Yote (2)
Your Vote (3)
Of Jana Sangh Sessions
Swatantra-BJS Merger
Kashmir, Jana Sangh and Swatantra
Holding the Price Line
About the Kamaraj Plan
Punjab and Punjabi
Madhya Pradesh Tribals
Ford Foundation and Cow Slaughter
Growing Dependence on the State

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