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Practical Vedanta Movement - Prasthanatraya widened to "Panch-Shastra"
Practical Vedanta Movement - Prasthanatraya widened to "Panch-Shastra"

Practical Vedanta Movement - Prasthanatraya widened to "Panch-Shastra"

by Satya P Agarwal

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New Age Books


9788178224770 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 277



Satya P Agarwal

Author: Satya P Agarwal
Urmila Agarwal/
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 277
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178224770


While performing the last rites of his mother (in the face of opposition from other vedantins), Shankaracharya must have realized that some of the Vedantic messages were not "practical". In 1823, Rammohun Roy was deeply hurt to see Vedantic scholars promoting "escapism".

In 1896, Swami Vivekananda gave talks on his vision of Practical Vedanta, to fulfill which he established, in 1897, Ramakrishna Mission as a non-political organization. The scope of Practical Vedanta was widened in the 20th century, by the contributions of Tilak-Aurobindo-Tagore-Gandhi. The whole world admired this great Vedantic movement.

This pioneering book studies, not only these five contributions, but also three later ones, the most recent being the campaign for "Living Vedanta" (presented by Will Tuttle in his own words). Finally, specific suggestions are put forward to answer the question: What does Practical Vedanta mean today?




1. Shankaracharya’s Vedanta-Selected Points
2. Vivekananda’s Vision to make Vedanta Practical
3. Tilak’s Use of the Gita for the Freedom Struggle
4. Aurobindo’s Rejection of the Jagat-Mithya Doctrine
5. Tagore’s Mission to Make Vedanta Universal
6. Gandhi’s Multi-dimensional Contributions
7. Nehru’s Role in Making the Abolition of Untouchability a part of India’s Constitution
8. Radhakrishnan’s Scholarly Support to Practical Vedanta
9. Living Vedanta: Will Tuttle and the World Peace Diet
10. Suggested Formulation of Practical Vedanta for the 21st Century

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