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Pranayama - A Classical and Traditional Approach
Pranayama - A Classical and Traditional Approach

Pranayama - A Classical and Traditional Approach

by Prashant S Iyengar

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New Age Books


9788178224824 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 316



Prashant S Iyengar
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Author: Prashant S Iyengar
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178224824


Pranayama is a compound word meaning Prana 'Vital Energy' and Ayama 'Control and Regulation'. But it is not basically breath-control or breath-regulation. Pranayama needs a lot of study of breath usages, applications and Addressals by-on-in-with breath. This book provides a classical and traditional approach towards life by breath control with different type of asnas.

This differentiates between physiology of respiration that comes in body-science and physiology of breathing that occurs in the science of yog. According to the book the entire human embodiment is a breathing organism, even inner, outer, physical, psycho-mental, psychic, gross and subtle and esoteric organs, senses and constitutions.



1. Prefatory Note
2. Introduction to the act of breath and breathing
3. Preperatory — a master stroke!
4. The source, origin and essential nature of breath
5. Pranayama begins with shvasayama
6. Basic lessons in breathing circuits and their constellations
7. The basic concept of sharirayama-shvasayama-manayama
8. The triad of regulation
9. Three-language formula
10. Graphic modes of breathing
11. Breathing of uddiyana kriya
12. Uddiyana mudra
13. Agnisara kriya
14. Kapalabhati
15. Fine, refined, soft, silky, tender, rarified breathing
16. Not to hasten to seating pranayama
17. Introducing mudras and bandhas
18. Uddiyana kriya and mudra
19. Concept of regulation of prana and breath
20. Commencing shvasayama in the next stage
21. Insulation to dualities in chitta
22. Breath regulation
23. Inhalations-exhalations are not puraka-rechaka
24. Retentions are not kumbhakas
25. Kriya, mudra & bandha of kumbhaka or retention
26. Mulabandha Icriyaa mudra
27. Prana and pranamaya kosha
28. 'I' does not do pranayama
29. More about prana and pranamaya kosha
30. More about pranamaya kosha
31. Silent speech and thoughts
32. Commencement of prana kriya
33. Pranayame viniyogah
34. Karmayogic pranayama
35. Pranic principle
36. Adhi-daivik perspective of prana
37. Pranayama — pranava — brahmavidya
38. Bahya vritti, abhyantara vritti and sthambha vritti
39. Desha, kala, sankhya regulations
40. Deergha — sukshma
41. Kumbhaka paridrushtata
42. Kevala kumbhaka
43. Pranayama phala
44. Nasal pranayamas
45. The art of finger-tip skill
46. Nostrils — a marvel
47. A fascinating experiment
48. Repertoir of kumbhaka
49. Cluster of kriyas
50. A basic lesson!
51. Conclusion

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