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Punjabi Diaspora In Britain
Punjabi Diaspora In Britain

Punjabi Diaspora In Britain

by Pooja Gupta

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Punjabi University


9788130203652 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 183



Pooja Gupta
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Author: Pooja Gupta
Mudasir Altaf Bhat/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Manjit Inder Singh/Tejinder Kaur
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 183
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788130203652



The aim behind the series is to tap, document, detail and interrogate the various aspects of Punjabi Diaspora's experience across various forms of migration under distinct historical conditions and subsequent developments in the overall spectrum of migration, settlement and achievements.

Alongwith, the unquestionable achievements of Punjabis/Sikhs in different areas of life and professions abroad are arguably significant areas of exploration. The case of Britain has always remained exclusive, because of the long colonial intervention and Empire building in India. The role of Punjabis, both during and after the colonial rule and the post-independence era, is a complex area study that needs a lot of academic exploration and serious study involving demographic details, patterns of Punjabi/Sikh migration, the role of religious and political organizations in Britain, and the overall shifts as well as transformations in Punjabis' accommodation, challenges and other socio-cultural imperatives following widespread changes in the world polity after the Second World War and the setting in of the globalization era.

The attempt of our faculty and research staff has been to organize the academic arguments around a collective 'Punjabi' Diaspora, as against an exclusive Sikh, Hindu or Muslim Diaspora.

It is a moment of pride for the UGC Centre for Diaspora Studies in bringing out the first volume of the World Punjabi Diaspora Series, "Punjabi Diaspora in Britain". Following the approval of the UGC, the Centre, under the chairmanship of our worthy Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jaspal Singh Ji, planned the above series to engage in active research on Punjabi Diaspora spread across the world by selecting five countries -Britain, Canada, USA, Australia and Malaysia - to be completed in a stipulated time period of five years.

Most, if not all of these works, however, have focused on Sikh immigrants in Britain and other locations. The large number of Punjabi Hindus, Muslims and others who migrated to Britain have generally been ignored. The present study attempts to fill this gap of in-depth knowledge and is, therefore, from its mere intention alone, of considerable value. As the first volume of the proposed series on Punjabi Diaspora covering five major locations around the globe i.e. Britain, Canada, US, Australia and Malaysia, this volume on Britain will be a model, setting the pattern for the other subsequent volumes. The main idea and theme of the projected series is to provide an in-depth study of Punjabi Diaspora in a country to bring out the specific experiences, social, political, religious and economic conditions among others facing the Punjabi diasporic community.

Each volume will cover aspects of language, culture, literature and social interaction with the host community and taken together, the content of each volume will provide a comprehensive perspective across the whole series. But before we move further, it is important to address some important questions: Who is a Punjabi? What constitutes Punjabi identity? What are the implications of Punjabi identity for Punjabi population living abroad? Does it induce or impose further fragmentation or fusion?


Dr. Manjit Inder Singh is former Professor and Head, Department of English, Punjabi University, Patiala, and Coordinator, Centre for Diaspora Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala. A teacher and scholar of wide interdisciplinary interests, he has specialized in the fields of Literary Theory, Post-colonial Literary Studies, Diasporic Studies, Indian Writing in English, Translation Studies, 20th Century World Literature, among others. He has published seven critical volumes on the above academic fields.

Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Director, Centre for Diaspora Studies is Professor of English at Punjabi University, Patiala. She has been Head, Department of Distance Education and Dean, Faculty of Languages. She has published six books, several papers on wide ranging areas, many book reviews and poems. She has participated in many conferences/ seminars/ workshops and has delivered extension lecture on different topics. She has been on Edu-Sat, Radio and T.V giving many talks and poetry readings and is actively engaged in research activities.



1. Introduction
2. History of Migration, Settlement and Demographic Profile
3. Economic Conditions and Opportunities
4. Family, Gender and Social Relations
5. Language, Literature and Culture: A Critical Overview
6. Political Associations, Participations and Issues of Mobilization
7. Over viewing Religious Practices and Inter-Faith Dialogue
8. Conclusion

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