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Rahu Ketu - The Mystic Axis: A scientific Exposition of the classic relevance of Rahu-Ketu

by D P Saxena

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Ranjan Publications


8188230766 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 209



D P Saxena
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Author: D P Saxena
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 209
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188230766


As the name suggests Rahu Ketu are the two parts of the python that horrifies everyone our planet earth. Rahu Ketu invigorates the energies of the houses for the good or bad they are placed in the Natal Chart. They are actually the points of soul magnetism, who by their placement show how the force of past Karmas furthers the cycle of life process by pulling it towards the future.

The planets ruling the signs of Rahu Ketu axus are called the Karmic control Planets. The sign of Ketu presents the incoming from the past lives or Karmic Control. The planet ruling the sign of Rahu shows how the Karmic distribution in this life will occur. Besides this Rahu Ketu also from Raja Yoga combinations. The present work is the most comprehensive treatise for interpretation of Rahu Ketu. The work is enriched by practical example horoscopes.

The present study is about Rahu and Ketu who are the most dreaded planets of the solar system. The study is based mostly on the Hindu astrology.

Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of Moon. They are the points where the orbit of Moon intersects the apparent path of Sun. the point of intersection in the north is called Rahu and that in the south Ketu. As mere points they may have some conceptual value, but not physical. It was on this basis that the western writers in the beginning did not assign any importance to them but later they realized some missing links in the events that they started studying the nodes.

Though these nodes have no physical existence of their own yet it would be a great blunder to ignore them only for this reason. In calculating the ascendant we are not satisfied with identifying the sign of the zodiac rising in the east at the time of birth or the epoch. We want to find out the actual point of the sign rising in the east. Similarly we find out the actual point of the Nadir at the time of the epoch. On the basis of these points in the Ascendant and Nadir are also merely the points having no physical existence, but we do not ignore them on this basis.



Publishers Note
Significations of Asterisms of Nodes
Astrological Importance of Nodes in Prediction
Twelve Types of Kala Sarpa Yogas
Solar and Lunar Eclipses and their Effects
Rahu and Ketu in Various Houses of Birth Chart
Rahu and Ketu in Various Signs
Rahu and Ketu in Relations to Planets
Rules of Prediction
Some Case Studies

Appendix I: Basic Impulses of the Planets
Appendix II: The Signs of the Zodiac and Nakshatras

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