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Ratnavali (HINDI)

by Mahakavi Harsh

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Raja Pocket Books


9788184253986 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 126



Mahakavi Harsh
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Author: Mahakavi Harsh
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Dileep Kadam
Publisher: Raja Pocket Books
Year: 2013
Language: Hindi
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184253986


The astute minister Yougandharayana plans Udayana's marriage with Ratnavali, the daughter of Vikramabahu. This plan is motivated by a sage's prediction that the person who would marry her would become an emperor. But Udayana is already married to Vasavadatta, who happens to be Vikramabahu's niece. Naturally, Vikramabahu rejects Yougandharayana's plan for fear of wounding Vasavadatta's feelings.

Yougandharayana then spreads a rumour that Vasavadatta has died in a fire at Lavanaka. After hearing this, Vikramabahu agrees to the marriage of Ratnavali to Udayana. The marriage takes place with great pomp, but because of a custom, the bride and groom do not see each other's face clearly during the marriage. Ergo, after the marriage, the couple are escorted back to Kaushambi in a ship. Unfortunately, the ship wrecked on the way. Udayana is rescued and is taken back to Kaushambi.

Ratnavali is also rescued, but in a separate path, by a merchant and brought to Kaushambi. Yougandharayana comes to know of her rescue, puts her in Vasavadatta's custody renaming her as Sagarika, without disclosing her identity as the princess.

In the third act, the jester and Susangata hatch a plan to make Udayana and Sagarika meet. Sagarika disguises herself as Vasavadatta, and Susangata as her maid. They go to meet Udayana, who has been told of the plan and is expecting Sagarika to come in Vasavadatta's disguise. But the real Vasavadatta comes to know of this plan and also sets off to meet Udayana.

In the fourth act, no one knows where Sagarika is imprisoned by Vasavadatta. Suddenly, there is heard a news of the royal harem catching fire. It turns out that Sagarika is kept there, and Vasavadatta turns remorseful. She implores Udayana to run to her rescue. Udayana comes out safely from the fire with Sagarika. It is later revealed that the entire fire was a trick by a magician.

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