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Rehras:  The Sikh Evening Prayer ( Text + English)
Rehras: The Sikh Evening Prayer ( Text + English)

Rehras: The Sikh Evening Prayer ( Text + English)

by Reema Anand

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N/A - Year: 2002 - Pages: 135



Reema Anand
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Author: Reema Anand
Khushwant Singh/
Translator: Reema Anand / Khushwant Singh
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This translations bring to a wider readership the beauty and comfort of some of the most poignant religious verse ever composed. Adding to the value of this edition are the original hymns in Devnagari script that appear alongside the translations.

The evening prayer of the Sikhs, recited around sunset, Rehras is a quest for the infinite reality that is God. It is believed that Rehras, in some form or the other, has been recited since the time of Guru Nanak (1469-1539), the founder of Sikhism. Compositions of the other gurus were added in later years, and the final arrangement of the order in which the hymns are recited was formulated by the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak committee in the 1930s. Its contents can be divided into three broad strands: the quest, into three broad strands: the quest, the striving and the culmination. Beginning with Guru Nanak’s ‘Sodar’—literally, The Door (to God’s mansion)—it includes hymns by Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan Dev, and the quatrains of Guru Gobind Singh.




Sun Vadda Akhai Sab Koe

Aakhaan Jeevan Visrai Mar Jaon

Har Ke Jan Satguru Satpurkha

Kaahe Re Man Chitve

So Purakh Niranjan, Hari Purakh Niranjan

Toon Karta Sachiar Mainda Saeen

Tit Sarvariyai Bhaeelay Nivaasa

Bhaee Parpat Maanukh Dehuriya


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