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Religion And Social Values

by Swami Krishnananda

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Divine Life Society


N/A - Year: 2009 - Pages: 135



Swami Krishnananda

Author: Swami Krishnananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The entire universe is moving towards the state of Self-realization, and within this movement the human being is evolving. Since time immemorial man has been looking towards the heavens and praying to an otherworldly God to free him from the problems of human existence. Religions have perpetrated this belief that God is very far from us and that in order to attain Him the world must be renounced.

In this book Swami Krishnananda explains that religion and social life are not opposites, that they are actually two aspects of a single whole in which everything is included and must be recognized, not denied. Swamiji addresses the problems that are faced by people in the world, the cause of these problems, and the misconceptions that are generally held about religion and social values. Swamiji also gives some practical techniques of how to evolve spiritually while remaining in one’s present circumstances. This book serves as a friendly guide to all seekers on the spiritual path.

This book contains a series of five discourses given by Swami Krishnananda in 1981 during the Ashram’s annual Sadhana Week. Here Swamiji describes the problems faced by every human being due to their own nature and also due to the world in which they live, and why people fail in their pursuits. Swamiji explains why moksha, or liberation, is actually the goal of everyone whether they recognize it or not, and why nothing else can be regarded as a lasting solution to their problems, or give true satisfaction.

Swami Krishnananda talks about different aspects of spiritual life, and removes certain misconceptions that many people have about it. Swamiji explains why religion and social life are not opposites, but are rather two aspects of a single duty which is the attainment of God, or moksha, in which all desires are fulfilled.

Many people think that if they attain God they will lose the world, or that they have to renounce the world in order to attain God. Swamiji explains how the terms ‘God’, ‘moksha’, ‘liberation’, ‘spirituality’ all refer to that state which is all-inclusive universal Totality. One can be in the world and be in that highest state at the same time. Swamiji gives techniques which take the seeker to a higher level of understanding, and these techniques can be practiced along with one’s regular day-to-day activities.



Brief Biographical Sketch of Swami Krishnanda
Publisher's Note

1. The Circumstances in Which We Live in the World
2. The Need for a Larger Outlook
3. The Reason for Birth and Death
4. True Renunciation and Enlightenment
5. The Yoga of Life

The Role of Supermen in the Resuscitation of Human Culture

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