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Religious Classics - Part  One    (Illustrated  Epics)
Religious Classics - Part One (Illustrated Epics)

Religious Classics - Part One (Illustrated Epics)

by A Collection

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Manoj Publications


81-8133-600-3/310 et al - Year: 2007 - Pages: 224



A Collection

Author: A Collection
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-8133-600-3/310 et al


This Attractive 5-Book gift pack of illustrated books printed in full colors is a deligtful offering for young ones to know their Religion and Culture through the sacred messages of Vedas, Upanishadas and Puranas.

The pack includes following Illustrated Titles:

1. The Story of Rama
2. Lava - Kusha
3. Veer Karna
4. Valiant Abhimanyu
5. Bhishma The Grandman of Mahabharata


Prelude to Rama Incarnation
Birth of Rama
Tarka Felled
Ahalya Redeemed
Bow Broken
Parshuram-Laxmana Repartee
Rama Weds
Manthra Meddling
Kaikayee in Protest chamber
Rama Accepts Exile
Meeting Kevat
Reunion with Bharata
Ravana’s Sister-Shoorpnakha
Abduction of Sita
Jatayu-Ravana Clash
Jatayu Found
Shabri Visited
Hanumana Run Into
Union with Sugreeva
Sugreeva-Bali Duel
Bali Dies
Rama Reveals Himself
Laxmana Annoyed
Search for Sita
Encounter with Sursa
At Lanka Gate
Vibhishana Spotted
Hanumana in Ashoka Garden
Hanumana Shows Himself
Meghnada Captures
Hanumana Trial
Lanka on Fire
Bridge Over Sea
Vibhishana Kicked
Rama Shelters Vibhishana
Battle Starts-Laxmana Hurt
Hanumana Brings Sanjeevani
Kumbhakarna Dies
Meghnada Meets End
Ravna Slain
Fire Test For Sita
Back to Ayodhya
Rama-Bharata Union
Crowning of Rama

Lava and Kusha
Ashwamedha Yajna
Ashwamedha Yajna and Visit of
Valmiki with Lava and Kusha
Kush and Lava Identified
Further Details of Lava and
Kusha (Padma Purana)
Lava Catches the Horse
Shatrughna Sends a Big Army
The Last and the Final Battle

Durvasa Balesses Kunti
Suninvoked-karna Born
Baby Abandoned
The Baby Ends up in Radha’s Lap
Upbringing of Karna
Kunti and Hastinapur royal Dynasty
Pandavas born
Drona Teaches Kauravas-Pandvas
Karna’s Education
Karna Goes t Parshurama
Curse on Karna
Karna’s Devotion
Curse of Parshurama
Duryodhana Greets Karna
The Testing Moment
Prelude to the contest
In Contest Arena
Karna Challenges
Karna Becomes Angaraja
Karna Crowned
Karna’s Feat
Angry Pandavas
Guru Dakshina
Duryodhana & Karna Defeated
Drupada Vanquished
Draupadi Swayamwara
Draupadi Taunts Karna
Fat is in the Fire
Draupadi Stripped
Mahabharata War Ignited
Bhishma Councels Duryodhana
Karna Meets Bhisma on Death Bed
Karna Allowed to Battle
Indra Alerts Kunti
Krishna Pleads with Karna
Kunti goes to Karna
Kunti Argues
Karma Parts with Armour-Rings
Indri Blesses Karna
Worry For Krishna
Gatotkacha-Karna Battle
Gatotakacha dies
Kana is commander
Karma-Arjuna Battle
Gatotakacha Dies
Karna is Commander
Karna-Arjuna Battle
The Wheel Gets Stuck
Karna Dies

Arjun-Subhadra Marriage
Story of Chkravyuha
Christening of the Newborn
Brothers for Abhimanyu
Abhimanyu for Dwarka
Balram is weapons trainer
Invitation of Rajsuya Yajna
In Rajsuya Yajna
Abhimanyu Learns archery
The Dice Game
The Defeat of Pandavas
Yudhishthir repents
Back to Dwarka
The Passage of Time
Meeting Pandavas
Abhimanyu explodes
Advice to the Youth
In Kamyak
Yudhishthir’s Query
Satyabhama to Draupadi
Pandavas in Viratnagar
Proposal for Uttara
Abhimanyu Marries Uttara
Pandavas in Conference
Krishna Represents Pandavas
Kunti’s Message
The Message Delivered
Kurukshetra Battle field
Geeta revealed
A Pleased Duryodhan
Chakravyuha Move
Abhimanyu Volunteers
Abhimanyu in Chkaravyuha
Valour of the Young Warrior
Lone Warrior Abhimanyu
Six Against Lone Abhimanyu
Killing of Abhimanyu
Subhadra’s Grief

Shantanu Marries Ganga
Eighth Son
Cursed Vasus
The Surviving son
Incredible Boy
Dev-Vrata returned
The Sadness of the King
Dev-Vrata’s Pledge
Boon of Death-Upon-wish
Valour of Bhishma
Amba’s Plea
Satyavati’s proposal
Vyasa comes into picture
Heirs are born
Throne to Dhritrashtra
The division of Kingdom
Draupadi disgraced
Bhishma in retreat
Shikhandi card
Amba’s tragedy
Bhishma’s challenge
The fierce battle
Eight scholars
The truce
Ire of Krishna
Pandavas plan
The death secret
Arjun’s dilemma
The tenth day
Bhishma under attack
Shikhandi confronts Bhishma
Arrow riddled Bhishma
On the Bed of Arrows
Kauravas-Pandavas arrive
Water for Bhishma
Karma comes to Bhishma
The Last Rites

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