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Self Realisation
Self Realisation

Self Realisation

by Swami Sivananda

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Divine Life Society


8170522447 - Year: 2012 - Pages: 118



Swami Sivananda
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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 118
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170522447


From the Preface of the book :

From the Preface of the book :

This book will become your constant companion. It will be a true guide, friend and philosopher in your life. It will solve your problems of life. It will put you in possession of the priceless treasure of a sage who has established himself in the highest spiritual wisdom.

This compilation of select writings from the pen of Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, under the significant title “Self-Realisation” is a fairly comprehensive manual upon the art of ideal living. The master’s precious advice and invaluable guidance on a variety of important subjects concerned with the integral culture of the human being, serve to enlighten you concerning the true meaning and purpose of your life.

They throw a flood of light upon the problem of overcoming vice and cultivating virtue, controlling the mind and subduing the senses, eradicating fear and worry and developing the perfection of purity, goodness and divine knowledge, in and through the obstacles, imperfections and distractions of earthly life. They serve to reveal the secrets of self-culture, personal development, and spiritual perfection.



Towards Integral Revival
Nature of God
Light, Power and Wisdom
What is Divine Life‘?
The Power of Prayer
Arise Victorious
Secret of Success
Scek Good Company
The Path of Vedanta
Share the Glory with all
Prayer to Mother
Behold Jesus in Thy Midst
A Divine Treasure for You
Conquest of the Mind
Control of Anger
Be Good; Do Good
Seek the Immortal
Love Leads to Liberation
Ethics and Morality
The Technique of Yoga
Roar Om Om Om
Health and Happiness
You are Master of Your Destiny
Real Renunciation
Foundation of Yoga
Religion of One
Religion of the Real
Yoga Sadhana
Universal Love
Divine Father
The Goal of Life
Happiness is within
Control of the Senses
The Qualifications for a Student of Yoga
All is God: God is All
Thoughts on Vedanta
Assert Your Real Divine Nature
Slay the Mind
Gospel of Peace

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