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Snowflakes of Time  :  Memories and Musings
Snowflakes of Time : Memories and Musings

Snowflakes of Time : Memories and Musings

by Kanwal Sibal

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9789385436673 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 205



Kanwal Sibal
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Author: Kanwal Sibal
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 205
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789385436673


Snowflakes of Time, explores through poetry the world of international politics, the posturing and the hypocrisy, the tepid arguments and the poignant promises. Delving into treacherous waters Kanwal Sibal's expertise as a diplomat and his fortitude and sensitivity guide you through the cynicism of governance to glimpse at, perhaps, the vestiges of hope.

An anthology tinged with nostalgia and replete with pensive reflections of the past, of wistful dreams and struggles that have remained obscure, is interspersed with a desire to convey in all honesty the vicious savage nature of the international for a and inspire the courage and determination to navigate it.

'After the wintry landscapes of Russia painted with "thick strokes of a fervid brush", after exploring nostalgia and memory in "the still woods of the past", Kanwal Sibal alights on what should be his forte-international politics and the jiggery pokery that goes with it, the double standards of great powers and the hypocrisy. As a very senior diplomat the ruminations towards the latter half of the book are his strength. They are honest reactions straight from the heart:

You find in international life
that double standards are most rife.

However much you rant and rail
It simply is of no avail.

That you should seek equality
Is seen as a frivolity.

If you are weak and they are strong
E'en if you're right, you will be wrong.’
==== Keki N. Daruwalla




Snowflakes of Time
Asleep in February
Snow Over St. Basil
Death of Winter
The Winter's Story
The Snow Flake's Journey
Meditation within White Walls
The Winter's Secret
Tiny Deltas or Wood
The Car Ride

The Torch of Nostalgia
Echoes of Time
The Reverie
The Woodpecker of Time
Sepia Prints
The Slide Show
Memories Unbound
Awakening Memories
No Words to His Song
Lens with Dust "
The Finger Tips of Memory
The Desert Within
Coping with Memories
Matter of Mind
Memories Ice
Thunder in Paris
The Heart of Memory
Waiting for the Refill

Bubbles that Burst
The Tapestry
No Road Ahead
The Crow on the Balcony
The Paper
The Mirror
Moisture in the Eye
Seeds of Creation
Out of Depth
A Piece of Driftwood

The Sky in Him
The Mountain Climber
The Universe in Him
The Peak and I
Swimming in Pools of Light
The Plant in Him ~
The Ocean's Roar
The Distress Call
The Leaf in the Gust
The Earth's Moods and I
Summer Heat
Sing Me not Songs of' Summer
The View
The Rain
The Sun's First Ray
The Tree

The Greenest Wood
The Failed Journey
The Train
The Fence
The Uncertain Journey
Short Circuit
Forever at the Fork
Turning Point
Unfinished Sheets
The Wall
Bar Too High
He and the Shadow

Stringed Music
The Lamp-Post
Misery at Cross- Roads
The Raga

Multipolarity Bis -
Negotiation - Indian Style
Double Standards
Kneeling for Diplomatic Slaughter
The Birkin Bag
Counting 123 Or the Cookery Deal
The Politician
Enlightened Moderation
Or Moderate Enlightenment
The Pet
Two Nations
Oh! Sonia Dear
Bhutto's Nightmare
Unearthly Politics: Jupiter to the Rescue
The Houdini Act
Getting Ready [or Combat
Washed Out Session
Agenda for a True Nationalist

To Your Health
Nine is not a Magical Number
Rekshus Black
The Dolls: A Poem for My Daughter
Two Mysteries Resolved
Trip to the Sinai: For My Daughter
Playing with Straight Bat
Letters Perfumed

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