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Speeches - On Indian Politics and National Education
Speeches - On Indian Politics and National Education

Speeches - On Indian Politics and National Education

by Sri Aurobindo

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Sri Aurobindo Ashram


9788170587811 - Year: 2010 - Pages: 175



Sri Aurobindo
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Author: Sri Aurobindo
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 175
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170587811



It is not by any mere political programme, not by National Education alone, not by Swadeshi alone, not by Boycott alone, that this country can be saved…. These are merely ways of working; they are merely particular concrete lines upon which the spirit of God is Working in a nation, but they are not in themselves the one thing needful.

What is the one thing needful? What is it that has helped the older men who have gone to prison?... They have had one and all of them consciously or unconsciously one over-mastering idea, one idea which nothing can shake, and this was the idea that there is a great power at work to help India, and that we are doing what it binds us.



Address at the Baroda College Social Gathering (Baroda, 22 July 1899)
Advice to National College Students (Calcutta, 23 August 19707)
Our Experiences in Bengal (Poona, 13 January 1908)
National Education (Bombay, 15 January 1908)
The Present Situation (Bombay, 19 January 1908)
The Meaning of Swaraj (Nasik, 24 January 1908)
Swadeshi and Boycott (Dhulia, 26 January 1908)
Bande Mataram (Amravati, 29 January 1908)
The Aims of the Nationalist Party (Nagpur, 30 January 1908)
Our Work in the Future (Nagpur, 31 January 1908)
Commercial and Educational Swarajya (Nagpur, 1 February 1908)
Baruipur Speech (Baruipur, Bengal, 12 April 1908)
Palli Samiti (Kishorganj, East Bengal, 20 April 1908)
Uttarpara Speech (Uttarpara, Bengal, 30 May 1909)
Beadon Square Speech – 1 (Calcutta, 13 June 1909)
Jhalakati Speech (Jhalakati, East Bengal, 19 June 1909)
Bakarganj Speech (Bakarganj, East Bengal, 23 June 1909)
Khulna Speech (Khulna, Bengal, 25 June 1909)
The Right of Association (Howrah, Bengal, 27 June 1909)
Kumartuli Speech (Calcutta, 11 July 1909)
College Square Speech – 1 (Calcutta, 18 July 1909)
A Birthday Talk (Calcutta, 15 August 1909)
College Square Speech – 2 (Calcutta, 10 October 1909)
Bhawanipur Speech (Bhawanipur, Calcutta, 13 October 1909)
Beadon Square Speech – 2 (Calcutta, 16 October 1909)

Appendix 1: Resolutions and Short Speeches

Resolution at a Swadeshi Meeting (Baroda, 24 September 1905)
Speeches at Pabna (Pabna, East Bengal, 12 – 13 February 1908)
Speech at Panti’s Math (Calcutta, 3 April 1908)
United Congress (Calcutta, 10 April 1908)
Speech at the Hughly Conference (Hughly, Bengal, 6 September 1909)

Appendix 2: Open Letters

An Open Letter to My Countrymen (Karmayogin, 31 July 1909)
To My Countrymen (Karmayogin, 25 December 1909)


Glossary of Terms in Sanskrit and Other Indian Languages

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