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Srimad Bhagavata - The Book of Divine Love

by Swami Gitananda

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Advaita Ashram


9788175054189 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 624



Swami Gitananda
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Author: Swami Gitananda
Publisher: Advaita Ashram
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 624
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788175054189


In the course of conversation, one day Sri Ramakrishna had remarked: “Whether you accept Radha and Krishna, or not, please do accept their attraction for each other. Try to create that same yearning in your heart for God. Yearning is all you need in order to realize him. “The kind of intense attraction that Radha had for Krishna, which is described in the Bhagavata, make that attraction the ideal your life. The point is, we have to love God, Have to taste the sweetness of God.

Regarding the love of the gopis for Krishna, Swami Vivekananda says: “Ay, forget first the love for gold, and name and fame, for this little trumpery world of ours. Then, only then, you will understand the love of the gopis, too holy to be attempted without giving up everything, too sacred to be understood until the soul has become perfectly pure.

People with ideas of sex, and money, and of fame, bubbling up every minute in the heart, daring to criticize and understand the love of the gopis! That is the very essence of the Krishna incarnation. Even the Gita, the great philosophy itself, does not compare with that madness, for in the Gita the disciple is taught slowly how to walk towards the goal, but here is the madness of enjoyment, the drunkenness of love, where disciple and teachers and teachings and books and all these things have become one; even the ideas of fear, and God, and heaven-everything has been thrown away.

What remains is the madness of love. It is forgetfulness of everything and the lover sees nothing in the world accept that Krishna and Krishna alone, when the face of every being becomes a Krishna, when his own face looks like Krishna, when his own soul has become tinged with the Krishna color.”

For a long time human beings remain forgetful of God and spend their time in worldly enjoyments. Through that, however, none can realize God. But when one realizes one’s mistake, one finds out the way to the attainment of God, and at that time the truly auspicious moment of life comes and presents itself.

Though Shukadeva narrated Srimad Bhagavata for the sake of Parikshit, it is a treasure belonging to each and every human being. There is no record of the number of persons who have read this great work and attained peace and blessedness. Whoever listens to the Bhagavata and sings God’s glories, become blessed, overcomes the fear of death, and becomes immortal.



The Specialty of the First Three Verses
The Compiling of Bhagavata and Instructing Shukadeva
Parikshit is Cursed and Shukadeva Narrates Bhagavata
Bhishma Prays to Krishna
Vidura and Uddhava Dialogue – 1
Vidura and Uddhava Dialogue - 2
Vidura and Uddhava Dialogue - 3
Maitreya and Vidura Dialogue
Kapila and Devahuti Dialogue
The Story of Dhruva
The Story of King Prithu
The Story of Praladha
The Story of Krishna’s Birth
Lord Krishna’s Birth and Kamsa’s Wickedness
Putana’s Liberation
The Naming Ceremony and Krishna’s Childhood Sport
Binding Krishna
The Story of the Fruit-vending Woman
To Vrindavan from Gokula, and Krishna as the Coeherd Boy
Killing of Aghasura, Brahma’s Trick, and Singing of Krishna’s Praises
Subduing Kaliya
Rasalila - 1
Rasalila - 2
Rasalila - 3
Krishna and Balarama Leave for Mathura
Kamsa’s Death
Uddhava Visits Vraja – 1
Uddhava Visits Vraja – 2
Death of Jarasandha and Shishupala
The Solar Eclipse and the Meeting of the Yadavas and the Cowherds at Kurukshetra
The Dialogue between the Nine Sages and Nimi
Krishna’s Resolve to return to his Abode and Avadhuta’s Teachings
Krishna and Uddhava Dialogue
End of Krishna’s Divine Sports and Death of Parikshit

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