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The Ascent of the Spirit

by Swami Krishnananda

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Divine Life Society


8170520967 - Year: 1993 - Pages: 208



Swami Krishnananda

Author: Swami Krishnananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520967


A stimulating logical study starting with the foundations of educational psychology, its philosophical basis and spiritual significance, and covering such important areas of thought and action as the meaning behind social relationship, as well as the ultimate Roots of legal and ethical principles involved in the human life. Elucidates such important profundities of philosophy as the doctrine of creation and the Realization of the Absolute.

The ideal of humanity is spiritual. This is a thesis which cannot be set aside by any observant mind. Even where it appears to be the opposite for all practical observations, even in crass materialistic approaches of life, the movements are not really bereft of the spiritual sense, if we are to be psycho-analytically observant of the motive forces behind attitudes to life. Even the worst of men have a spiritual element hiddenly present, and the vicious movements which we observe in humanity in many a circle may sometimes confound us into a doubt as to whether the Spirit which is held to be Omnipresent can be the motive force behind these perpetrations. Yes, is the answer.

Even the least of events has a hidden purpose and motive, though not visible outside but covertly presents—the motive, which rightly or wrongly, by various types of meanderings in the desert of life, directs itself towards awakening into the consciousness of what it is really seeking. The errors of mankind are really the products of ignorance, and an ignorance of a fact cannot be equated with a denial of that fact. The absence of a palpable consciousness of the ideal of human life cannot be regarded as a violation of it root and branch, or a complete absence of it.




1. The Progressive Evolution of Man
2. Principles for a Reconstruction of Human Aspiration
3. Steps in Educational Methods
4. The Adventure of Knowledge
5. Render Unto Caesar the Things Which Are Caesar's, and Unto God the Things That Are God's
6. Human Individuality and Its Functional Features
7. The Crisis of Consciousness-I
8. The Crisis of Consciousness-II
9. The Crisis of Consciousness-III
10. The Individual and the Society: The Philosophy of Law
11. A Study of the Logical Basis of Legal and Ethical Principles
12. The Cloister and the Hearth
13. The Difficulties of a Spiritual Seeker
14. The Aims of Human Existence-I
15. The Aims of Human Existence-II
16. The Aims of Human Existence-III
17. The Individual Nature
18. The Spirit of Sadhana
19. The Search for the Spirit
20. The Fourth Dimension in Psychology
21. The Law that Determines Life
22. Human Nature and Its Components
23. The Infinite Life

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