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The Best Ever Collection of Punjabi Wedding Songs    (Set of 6 Music CDs)
The Best Ever Collection of Punjabi Wedding Songs (Set of 6 Music CDs)

The Best Ever Collection of Punjabi Wedding Songs (Set of 6 Music CDs)

by A Compilation

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Music Today


B 07179 - Year: 2007 - Pages: NA


Special Binding

A Compilation

Author: A Compilation
Contributor(s)/Artis: Minu Bakshi
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 2007
Language: Music
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): B 07179


This set of music CDs carries the following tracks:

Volume - 1:
1. Shava Veh Hun Jago
2. Poochdi Poochdi Malan
3. Mathe Te Chamkan Vaal
4. Nikki Nikki Boonde
5. Sadke Sadke Jaandiye
6. Madhorama Paencha Ve
7. Lathe Di Chaadar
8. Jugni
9. Jindua
10. Boliyan

Volume - 2:
1. Mehndiyan
2. Kangi Vahvan
3. Maavan Te Dheeyan
4. Chura
5. Chitta Kukkad
6. Vangan
7. Medley – Bhabon Kehndiye
8. Madhanian
9. Aj Di Dihadi

Volume – 3:
1. Mehndi Rang Rangeeli
2. Mehndi Tan Sajdi
3. Sanni Nun Yatna
4. Aao Puao Choora
5. Aidar Kankan
6. Mathe Te Chamakan Vaal
7. Ae Sehra Mera Veere Da
8. Medley – Main Katan Pareetan
9. Maye Ni Main
10. Mainu Na Kar Aje
11. Aj Din bhaaga Wala

Volume – 4:
1. Channan De Ohley Ohley
2. Sona Vatna Main Na malna
3. Mehndi Ni Mehndi
4. Phullan Di Bahar
5. Maye Ni Maye
6. Kattan Prita Nal
7. Charkah Channan Da
8. Rasiya Nimbu Liya Deve
9. Ambarsare Di
10. Gora Gora matha
11. Sithniyan
12. Chhand
13. Chidiyan Da Chamba

Volume – 5:
1. Mehndi Ni Mehndi
2. Ghadoli
3. Jeeve Banra
4. Aaya Lariye
5. Jadon Cherheya
6. Jind Mahi
7. Sammi
8. Rabba Rabba
9. Medley – Kala Shah Kala

Volume – 6:
1. Bhangra 1
2. Bhangra 2
3. Dandia 1
4. Dandia 2

A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the union of two individuals and two families. It is a bond that binds two people & also celebrates the coming together of traditions, customs, cultures, religion and all other social bonds. Weddings showcase different traditions & customs, thus giving an opportunity to celebrate them with family & friends. Songs play a vital role in weddings. They set the tone for each ceremony and allow one to express various feelings through music.

Among all weddings, Punjabi weddings are the most vivacious, joyous and are celebrated with lot of fervour, grandeur and gusto. Music is a very prominent feature in a Punjabi wedding, starting from ‘Sangeet, Choora, Mehndi on the bride’s side to the ‘Seharbandi, Ghodi, Banra’’ on the groom’s side. Throughout the functions, ladies, girls and all the men folk sing songs of wit, sarcasm and love. The ‘dholki’ is a common & essential percussion used for all songs sung during the wedding.

This special wedding pack is a collection of 6 albums featuring Punjabi wedding songs in the traditional style as well as the contemporary style that the youth of today swing to, expressing distinct moods & emotions of a Punjabi wedding.

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