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The Bridge in the Moonlit Night and Other Stories

by Manoj Das

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National Book Trust


9788123773797 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 308



Manoj Das

Author: Manoj Das
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 308
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123773797


From The Book Author’s Note:

For long have my readers-specially those who have chosen to pursue their academic projects for Ph.D. or M.Phil. On my ?ction either in Odia or in English or in both for a comparative study-have desired such a testimony and I have avoided coming out with any, though I have been obliged to speak out in snatches in interviews. But the publishers of this representative selection of my short stories, the authorities of the National Book Trust, India, have persuaded me to face the challenge.

The Indian society was steeped in feudal tradition since a remote past. The sudden end to the system spawned b0th visible and invisible hassles broadly at two planes: in the life of the princes and their puny variations — the Zamindars (landlords in a special sense) and in the life of the common people confronted with a system alien to their habits and mentality, namely a Western model of democracy that replaced the age-old feudal hierarchy.

Folklore was an intrinsic part of the rural atmosphere in my childhood. Their classic compendiums, the Panchatantra, the Jatakas and the Kathasaritsagara continue to fascinate me. Some of their stories would coax me to spin in my imagination a development beyond the points where they stopped. I cannot call that exercise inspiration - a force that had led me on to write most of my original stories. But the exercise gave me a captivating creative joy of playing with the great masters, Vishnu Sharma, Somadeva and others, and craving their indulgence.

Five of such stories are presented in this anthology as a special group. However, the ?rst one of it, “The Lady who Died One and Half Times” is an original fantasy.


“We have today Shri Manoj Das, author, whose writings have enchanted a long range of readers, from the village boys to Graham Greene…”
== Devdas Chhotray, The Vice-Chancellor of Ravenshaw University, in his address at the Convocation that conferred on Manoj Das D. Litt.

“There are only a few good storytellers left in the world today and one of them is Manoj Das.”
== Ruskin Bond

“What is Manoj Das? A social commentator? A psychiatrist? A sly peeper into people’s hearts? Or just a plain storyteller? Manoj Das is all this, and an incorrigible Indian, besides.”
== M.V. Kamath in The Week

“There is little doubt that Manoj Das is a great story-teller of the subcontinent and he had too few peers, no matter what yardstick is applied to measure his ability as an artist…He shows how powerfully all artifices of storytelling can be used to write in realist genre without any attempt at being faithful to the photographic details of the facts. His world has the fullness of human psyche, with its dreams and fantasies, its awe and wonder, the height of sublimity can be courted by the depth of the fictive. He proves that reality is richer than what realists conceived of it.”
== A. Russell in Poetry Times



Your Writer Speaking

The Mistry Hour
The Naked
The Crocodile’s Lady
The Owl
The General
The Murderer
The Bridge in the Moonlit Night
The Tree
Miss Moberly’s Targets
Prithviraj’s Horse
The Strategy
The Submerged Valley
Bhola Grandpa and the Tiger
Farewell to a Ghost
Friends and Strangers
The Martial Expedition
The Irrational
The Different Man
The Concubine
Mystery of the Missing Cap
The Birds
The Shadow
Son and Father
The Gold Medal
The Miracle
The Machine Gun
The Assault
The Interlopers
The Crooked Staff
Creatures of Conscience
The Vengeance
The Brothers
The Old Man and the Camel
The Kite
The Love Letter
Return of the Native
A Letter from the Last Spring
Sunset over the Valley
The Bull of Babulpur
A Night in the Life of the Mayor
Statue-Breakers are coming!
“Two Slippers and a Soul”
A Tale of the Northern Valley
Old Folks of the Northern Hills
The Dusky Horizon

The Lady Who Died One and a Half Times
The Last Demoness
The Final Night
A Turtle from the Blue
The Princess and the Story-Teller

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