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The Dhabas of Amritsar - A Cookery Book with a Difference

by Yashbir Sharma

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Nas Publication


9788187330479 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 122



Yashbir Sharma
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Author: Yashbir Sharma
Publisher: Nas Publication
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 122
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187330479


The Golden Temple looks enchanting and serene after its recent face lift. The magnificent structure redolent with history is out to capture the imagination of public. There has been a remarkable change in Amritsar during the last few years.

An International airport and five star hotels have sprung up within the vicinity of the holy city. The dhabas and restaurants are trying to cope up with the massive influx of tourists, to taste and savor its exquisite dishes. The dhabas have retained their pristine glory which is so rustic, authentic with rugged charm.

This book not only provides a ring side view of famous and celebrated dhabas but also helps readers with recipes of delicious and delectable preparations provided by the owners themselves.

They have revealed their secrets of cooking which they had kept under wraps for all these years. It will set the culinary world on fire. You will be startled and amazed by the simplicity of their cooking methods. The recipes are explained in a step by step format, in a simple and lucid style. The medium of cooking is desi ghee, the elixir to satiate your stomach-without the tag 'desi ghee used here1 no dhaba can survive. Yet the food here is cheaper than elsewhere. It is wholesome and nutritious. It is sheer bliss!

Even the sumptuous road side food is described in detail. Where to lay your hands on the famous warrian, papad, murabba, aam-papad and even the best tea in the city are listed in this volume.

The book is an absolute must for tourists visiting Amritsar. It will open up new vistas into the fabulous world of Dhabas of Amritsar.

What the press said……

Like the typical Punjabi, this book veritably bursts with many happy enthusiasms – desi ghee, lassi, paneer bhurji, Amritsari fish, tandoori chicken and kulcha being some of them. Some of these recipes seem just right – simple and authentic. The paneer bhurji and tandoori mutton, fo example, have a pared-down completeness and are absolutely spot-on. Sharma wanted to present as many of Punjab’s many flavor as possible. His palette is Punjab’s palate and he paints- and eats – with unapologetic passion.
= Times of India

The food trail of Punjab is a delicious romp of a book guaranteed to get you craving for a Punjabi meal. It is full of candid photographs, charming commentary and impassioned memories of people and food of Punjabi. It is a book that any food lover especially those who are aficionados of Indian and Indian culinary history should get a copy of it.
= Upper Crust

The strap line of The Food Trail of Punjab describes the cuisine of the state as the “world’s finest”. I admit, at the cost of upsetting my Bengali brethren. I share Sharma’s view of Punjabi food. Sharma’s profusely illustrated coffee-table volume is teeming with colorful providers of the good things of life.
= Daily Mail
East or West, Punjabi is best. Businessman – journalist Yashbir Sharma believes Punjabi food is fit kings.
= The Hindu

“The Dhabas of Amritsar” by Yashbir Sharma is less a book than an impassioned pamphlet with pictures or a weblog in print, singing the praises of Amritsar, its dhabas and the shudh desi ghee in which they all seem to be cook with. His book is wonderful, idiosyncratic guide to Amritsar’s dhabas and a valuable record of their recipe. We need more such books like this.
= Economics Times



Sarson Da Saag
Makki Di Roti
Mallai Kofta
Gobi Aloo
Baigan Da Bharta
Mutter Mushroom
Paneer Bhurji
Shahi Paneer
Karahi Paneer
Ghia Di Kheer
Chocolate Burji
Gur Da Halwa
Besan De Laddu
Amritsari Kulcha
Rara Gosht
Desi Chicken
Chicken Choley
Keema Naan
Paye Da Soup
Amritsari Fish
Chicken Cutlets
Methi Wali Fish
Tomato Fish
Makkhan Di Fish
Chilli Chicken
Butter Chicken
Moong Dal Halwa
Tandoori Meat
Tandoori Kaleji
Karhi Pakora
Seb Da Murabba
Dal Makhani
Gal Gal Da Achar
Chini Da Parantha
Mutton Biryani
Vegetable Cutlets
Tandoori Paneer
Mushroom Tikka
Fish Pakora
Chicken Pakora
Fried Mutton Tikka
Chicken Masala Tikka

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