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The Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana
The Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana

The Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana

by K K Nambiar

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Sri Ramanasramam


9788188018499 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 72



K K Nambiar
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Author: K K Nambiar
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 72
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788188018499



In The Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana, Sri K. K. Nambiar, an ardent devotee, has given us an intimate glimpse into his life as guided by his Master, Bhagavan Sri Ramana. We are grateful to the Ramana Kendra, Madras, for requesting its Chairman, Sri K. K. Nambiar, to give a series of talks on his reminiscences of Sri Bhagavan. These reminiscences which span over five decades of service and devotion to Sri Bhagavan and Sri Ramanasramam, have now been collected to form this book.

The instances of Bhagavan's Grace abound through these pages. The famous instance in which Bhagavan appeared to him in a dream and demanded of him a bound notebook is well-known to Ramana-bhaktas. It is vividly recorded in Day by Day with Bhagavan, p. 246 and My Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana, p. 129.

Sri Nambiar's professional work took him abroad, to England and America. He gives us a vivid description of his meeting with two very sincere devotees of the Master. The first is Mrs. Victoria Doe of UK who had never seen Bhagavan but was devoted to Him in thought, word and deed.

The second was Mrs. Eleanor Pauline Noye, a devotee living in California, who had been to India and sat at the Master's feet; and was living in constant thought of Him. These are but two of many interesting instances related by Sri Nambiar portraying the grace and guidance of Sri Bhagavan in even the smallest details of a devotee's life. It is always a pleasure and joy to read and ponder such reminiscences which make the presence of Sri Bhagavan vivid and enduring.

Sri Nambiar has proved to be a pillar of strength to the Ashram administration from the days of Bhagavan; he is now serving on the Editorial Board of the Ashram journal, The Mountain Path. He, along with his wife, Smt. Janaki Nambiar, always participates in all important functions at the Ashram.



First visit
More opportunities to visit
Bhiksha at the Ashram
Give up Shikar and killing — change coming over me
Miraculous posting to Tiruvannamalai
Daily visits to Sri Ramanasramam
Surrender to Bhagavan
Meeting Grant Duff
Paul Brunton and other friends
Notebook incident
Goanese Devotee's Pranayama and Bhagavan's remarks
Visit to Swami Omkar — A Mystic Experience
Bhagavan's ways of instruction
Bhagavan's succour: an extraordinary dream — and a miracle?
Visitors' reactions
R. D. N. Simham
Thakurkhan Chandra Varma and party
Ramana Gita — Malayalam manuscript
Journey to Vellore and flood on Polur causeway
Gazette Extraordinary
Transfer to South Canara
Transfer to Madurai
My Illness in 1942
Dream about transfer to Madras
A Bet on my prayer
Another instance of Bhagavan's help
Foreign Deputation
Mrs. Victoria Doe
Shri A. Bose
Bhagavan's mention of our letter (From Day by Day with Bhagavan 7.8.46)
United States — Mrs. Eleanor Pauline Noye
Meeting Bose again in New York
Gramophone record from Chicago
Extension of my deputation
Color film of Bhagavan made by me
Yogasana and the cushions
Bhagavan's enquiries about my work
Locus of meditation — doubts cleared
Bhagavan's love — nongu and fruit juice
Bhagavan's illness — first operation
Second operation
Third operation — "Let Nambiar come and see"
Fourth operation
Some 16mm films made by me
Photo of Bhagavan on Yogasana
Homeopathy — also Mouni's mixture
Ayurvedic treatment — Ishwaran Moosad
Siddha system treatment
Bhrigu Nadi — my request to prolong life
My giving medicines — two days before Mahasamadhi
Meteor in the sky
Location of Samadhi — original idea
My Dream regarding location of Samadhi
Actual location — as in dream
Verses from Yoga Vasishta

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