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The Other 99%: You Can Dare To Lead
The Other 99%: You Can Dare To Lead

The Other 99%: You Can Dare To Lead

by Debashis Chatterjee

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9788184952070 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 158



Debashis Chatterjee
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Author: Debashis Chatterjee
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 158
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184952070


In this book, Debashis Chatterjee, a world renowned author and teacher of leadership takes us on a voyage of discovery. Reading this book will make you feel like you are travelling with the great leaders of the world. It is easy to read, with powerful insights, which have been explained with clear action steps.

Professor Chatterjee deals with complex leadership issues with simplicity and directness. He weaves together colorful stories and compelling personal experiences that are likely to leave a lasting impression on you.

“Real leaders are ordinary people who have discovered the other 99% of their spiritual potential. This discovery alone has made their lives extraordinary”, says Chatterjee.

The simple tools and teachings in this book will inspire you to rise to your true potential.

"This intriguing work takes an original perspective on leadership, artfully combining elements of Eastern and Western thought. The interweaving of stories into the narrative makes the ideas come alive. Occasionally quite humorous, this well written book is both erudite and accessible. The Other 99% will make leaders think more deeply about what it is they actually "do". I found Debashis Chatterjee's work to be thought provoking and most interesting."
== Kim Campbell former Prime Minister of Canada

"Nobody taught me leadership, but I wish I had read Prof Chatterjee's book earlier. It takes the error out of trial and error, leaving the practitioner free to experiment with newer idea. Eminently readable and useful."
== Onkar S. Kanwar Chairman and Managing Director, Apollo Tyres Ltd.

"This book opens an enchanting window of options for leaders who are disillusioned with short-term models of leadership. Debashis Chatterjee invites us to relearn that in order to change the world you have to change yourself. Reading this book has proved to be very demanding at the same time very rewarding for me. Debashis Chatterjee's work is very timely and timeless."
== Esko Aho former Prime Minister of Finland

"A Masterpiece! This book will change many lives!"
== Dr. Pritam Singh former Director, IIM, Lucknow

"Debashis Chatterjee brings to us a refreshing voice on leadership. This is not a recipe book. The author invites and challenges you to be conscious of those leadership qualities that emerge from your life: This book is very readable with many practical examples. The author tells with utter simplicity, this profound truth: leadership comes from within."
== Jamil Mahuad former President of Ecuador

"In an era entranced by the new, our greatest hope ironically may lie in rediscovering the old…Chatterjee presents and explains diverse threads of ancient wisdom teachings, relating these insights to the challenges of leading contemporary organizations. He does so with remarkable clarity, simplicity and persuasiveness."
== Dr. Peter M. Senge, MIT. Author of The Fifth Discipline

"The work you are doing is very important for the world."
== Professor John R Kotter Harvard Business School

"I would particularly like to thank Debashis Chatterjee… one has deep and useful insights into the notion of extraordinary impact. I have been most influenced and I am most grateful."
== Professor Robert E. Quinn University of Michigan Business School in his Preface to Change the World.

Debashis Chatterjee's book and teachings are timely and are an excellent fit with the caring and compassion that exemplifies the heart and soul of our health care workers and leaders.
== Bernie Blais CEO, Chatham-Kent Health Affiance, Canada

"Absolutely powerful! Debashis Chatterjee takes us on a journey of self discovery and self knowledge, where we learn that true leadership comes from within. In this busy world of multi-tasking, Debashis teaches us to slow down, take a deep breath, and reflect on our daily experiences so that we can visualize what we wish to realize. A complete contrast to the conventional management philosophies of the West"
== Shona Elliott Director, Mission and Organizational Development, Chatham-Kent Health Affiance




Chapter 1
Practice: Have an appointment with yourself
Principle: Leaders see their world within themselves

Chapter 2
Practice: Visualize what you wish to realize
Principle: Leaders co-create their own reality

Chapter 3
Practice: Leaders evolve from motion to action
Principle: Action is being + thinking + doing

Chapter 4
Practice: Leaders integrate: from compliance to commitment Principle: Mind divides, heart unites

Chapter 5
Practice: Leaders do not conform, they transform
Principle: Life is dynamic, forms are static

Chapter 6
Practice: Leaders make success sustainable through values Principle: Values are virtuous reality

Chapter 7
The leadership journey: 4 key questions
(a) What is right knowledge?
(b) What is right action?
(c) What is the right way to organize?
(d) How to transform and stay alive!

A three dimensional model of wisdom leadership

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