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The Secret Abode of Fireflies - Loving and Losing Spaces of Nature in the City

by Gautam Bhatia

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9788190739313 - Year: 2010 - Pages: 367



Gautam Bhatia
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Author: Gautam Bhatia
Gita Mehta/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Nanni Singh
Publisher: Youthreach
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 367
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788190739313


Trees and forests are ‘the secret abode of fireflies’. They are home to the magical and the mysterious in nature. This book is about the love and the loss of this magic in our lives. It is about loving the presence of trees and natural spaces in our lives and about losing them rapidly. It focuses on the quality of human life in cities that are fast growing to be concrete jungles with diminishing spaces for the natural.

The roadside tree, the city forest, the neighborhood park – are all under the threat of destruction. In India’s quest to look and feel ‘international’, there is no room for the ‘natural’. At the risk of inevitable higher air pollution, lower ground water tables and diminishing monsoons, natural spaces must go, sacrificed at the altar of our appetites for the insatiable temptations of modern life.

A collection of the voices of writers, poets, environmentalists, urban planners, activists, craftspeople, photographers, tree lovers and artists, it explores the changing relationship between man and nature in modernity, and how we are fast losing the very essence of our lives through this diminishing connection. This book is also a tribute our interconnectedness with all that is natural, a celebration of wilderness spaces that still exist and why we must value them as sacred.

The Secret Abode of Fireflies is an attempt to empower people to give our cities back their life, their very breath – to make informed and sensitive environmental choices, create possibilities through the invaluable power of personal choice and personal responsibility. It is a guide for people who care about the world they live in and who want to make a difference by making themselves more aware and thereby more accountable. It also provides a lucid roadmap on possible solutions and how one can personally contribute to the preservation and renewal of the city’s dying ecology.



Treesong by Nanni Singh
A Sacred Wilderness by Nanni Singh
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Stopping Sprawl by Donella Meadows
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Natural Spaces in Cities by In Conversation with Ravi Agarwal
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Development versus Environment by Rupin Dang
The Nature of Cities by Snehanshu Mukherjee
The Effluent Society by Gautam Bhatia
French Fries Franchise by Prof. K.T. Ravindran
Protecting City Trees by In Conversation with Subhash Chandra
Conservation and Governance by In Conversation with Sudhir Vohra
Five Gardens by Bachi Karkaria
Conserving Heritage by Dr. Priyaleen Singh

A Wilderness in New Delhi by Ruskin Bond
A Culture of Tree by Gita Mehta
Scented are its Nights by Anees Jung
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Some of My Favourite Flowering Trees by Nimret Handa
Growing Up in the Bees Gone? by Sathya Saran
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Aravalli Biodiversity Park
Yamuna Biodiversity Park
Asola Wildlife Sanctuary
Rani Bagh
Northern Ridge

Whose Road is it anyway? by Divya Ravindranath
Saving the Revered Peepul Tree by Anadish Pal
Beautification versus Trees by Dr. Nilesh Baxi
Foresters without Diplomas by in Conversation with Wangari Muta Maathai
Mature has Rights too by Vikram Soni &Sanjay Parikh
Saving Mangarbani by Tykee Malhotra
The Myth of Compensatory Plantation by Dr. Prabhakar Rao
Saving Biodiversity by Tasneem Balasinorwala
Blueprint for ‘Greening’ Chennai by Rajesh Rangarajan
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Communion by A Meditation
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What is Education For? By David Orr
The Challenge of Our Time by Fritjof Capra
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Under the Banyan Tree by Devdutt Pattnaik
The Fading Rainbow by John Freehan
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The Working Tree of Delhi by Salil Chaturvedi
Restoting the Earth by Alan Watson Featherstone

Urbanity by Gopika Nath
My Tree by Ruhi Deol
The Memory of Tree by Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal
Trees by K. Satchidanandan
Peepul Tree by Manjul Bajaj
Silent Birth by Ruskin Bond
Granny’s Tree-Climbing by Ruskin Bond
On Killing a Tree by Gieve Patel

Fight for Survival by Uday Khemka
Threats to Trees
What You Can Do
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Environment Organizations
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