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The Yoga of the Christ - The Way to the Centre
The Yoga of the Christ - The Way to the Centre

The Yoga of the Christ - The Way to the Centre

by Ravi Ravindra

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Theosophical Publishing


8170594472 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 316



Ravi Ravindra
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Author: Ravi Ravindra
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170594472



This book does not attempt to explain or to argue for Christianity; rather it is a song of praise for the beauty, truth and goodness Arising out of my respect and love for this sacred text, my commentary on it is a way of expressing my appreciation for the wisdom and grace of the transformational teaching of the Christ.


A great book. It challenges the spirit. It calls for deep cogitation and prayerful reconsideration of eternal verities. The author has understood the cosmic significance of Jesus Christ as the universal Spirit, Truth and Love. Undoubtedly, the best commentary on the Fourth Gospel from an Indian point of view.
- The Hindu

The reflections of Ravi Ravindra will stimulate the initiated as well as the less informed readers. This book contributes, in a spirit of tolerance, to the enrichment of religion.
- Raimon Panikkar, author of The Hidden Christ of Hinduism

A landmark in interfaith dialogue.
- Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions

Dazzlingly brilliant spiritual and cross-cultural study of the most mystical of the books of the Bible, the Gospel of John. Few will finish this book unchanged, either intellectually or spiritually.
- Robert Ellwood, author of The Cross and the Grail.





Intelligence beyond time
All who receive the word are begotten by God
Eternity in love with time
The witness as the midwife of the spirit
Preparation for withstanding truth

Transformation: Water in wine
Temple, body and spirit
New birth
None but the groom has the bride and the fire

Beware of the Hollow Men
The inner spring of living water
The need for inner unity
The worshippers whom the father seeks
The secret name of God
Belief of signs and wonders

The struggle between the self and the ego
Action and rest form action
Only they can be just who do nothing by
The esoteric message of the tradition

The bread from the simple heart
The fear and temptation of becoming king
The power of I am
I am as the bread of eternal life
Levels of struggle

Conflict between the spirit and the world
My teaching is not my own
Where I am, no one can come
Rivers of living water from the belly

Adultery: Mixing of levels
The highest person as the witness within
Without knowing, I am, one dies missing
The mark
A disciple is one who lives the teaching
Losing one’s mind rightly

Spiritual blindness is natural
Sight as new birth
Insight or more sights?
The sighted and the sightless

Many sheep and one shepherd
The father and you are one

He whom Christ loves, dies to himself
Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead
Alien people clutching their Gods

Giving one’s all to the master
The kingdom of Christ is not of this world
Unless a seed dies, it bears no fruit
Levels of seeing
The yoga of the cross

Washing off the surface self
The trial of Judas
Only one who knows can love

I am the way and the truth and the life
Those who love can come to truth
Those who have nothing will not die

Right order - internal and external
Love from above, obedience from below
Levels of disciples
Leave the world in order to change it
The eternal witness from the beginning

The scandal of the cross
The inner guide
Death and new birth
Participating in the mind of Christ

The work of the father
Consecration in truth

The overwhelming force of I am
The trial of Peter
The king of the inner kingdom

The crown of thorns and inner kingdom
Delivering the spirit to the one whom he loved

I sleep, but my heart awaketh
The spirit of truth as the subtle body of Christ

A new beginning
The lamb of Christ among the wolves of
The world
Let not him who seeks cease until he finds


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