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Theology - Muslim and Christian
Theology - Muslim and Christian

Theology - Muslim and Christian

by E Ahmad-Shah

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Lucknow Publishing House


9788187739609 - Year: 2012 - Pages: 137



E Ahmad-Shah

Author: E Ahmad-Shah
Publisher: Lucknow Publishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 137
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187739609


In this book the author presents Islam mainly from the point of view of Muslim writers, but as interpreted and expressed by a Christian. Originating as lectures delivered in America and England between 1952 and 1954, the book is the result of deep and extensive study of the subject by a philosopher and theologian.

It begins with a description of the background of the Arabs and the life of Prophet Mohammad, and, goes on to a discussion of Islam based on the Quran, the Traditions and Muslim writers. It concludes with an invitation to Muslim brethren to find peace in the revelation of God in the Son of God, Jesus. It is a highly informative presentation for those seeking knowledge of Islam a stimulating discussion for followers of Islam.




Chapter I: Introduction
Article 1. Background of the Arabs and their characteristics
Article 2. Pre-Islamic people and their religion
Article 3. A sketch of Hazrat Mohammad’s life
Article 4. Periods of Muslim theology and importance of the Quran

Chapter II: Al Kalam Fil Zat O Sifat-eAlah (Discourse Concerning the being and Attributes of God)
Article l. Introduction to the first period – significance of the Quran and Ahadis (Traditions)
Article 2. First period – the Quranic-cum-Ahadisic period (510-950 A.D.), the annunciation of Muslim theology
Article 3. Second period – scholastic (700-1300 A.D.), the period of consolidation of Muslim theology
Article 4. Third period – authoritarian (750-1700 A.D.), the period of propagation of Muslim theology

Article 5. Fourth period – reformative (1691 and onwards), the period of reformation of Muslim theology

Chapter III: Al Kalam Fil Alam-e-Kainat (Discourse Concerning the Cosmos) Article 1. The orthodox position during the first period
Article 2. The unorthodox position during the second period
Article 3. Cosmology during the third period
Article 4. Cosmology during the fourth period

Chapter IV: Al Kalam Fil Najat-e-Insan-wa-Jahan (Discourse Concerning Salvation of Man and the world)
Article l. The nature of man
Article 2. What is najat? (Salvation)
Article 3. Means of najat (Salvation)

Chapter V: Al Kalam Fil Akharat (Discourse Concerning the Last Days)
Article 1. Signs of last days
Article 2. Roz-e-hashar (Judgment Day)
A. The Saza (punishment of unbelievers)
B. The Jaza (rewards of believers)

Chapter VI: Theology for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslim)
Article 1. Introduction
Article 2. Knowledge of God in words for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslims)
Article 3. Knowledge of God as person for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslims)
Article 4. Knowledge of God as wahid (one) for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslims)
Article 5. Cosmology for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslims)
Article 6. Najat (salvation) for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslims)
Article 7. Akharat (last days) for Biradran-e-Islam (Brother Muslims)

Glossary: Meanings of Urdu, Persian and Arabic words used frequently

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