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Third Way
Third Way

Third Way

by Dattopant Thengadi

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Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana


8186595031 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 283



Dattopant Thengadi
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Author: Dattopant Thengadi
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Bhanu Pratap Shukla
Publisher: Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186595031


In the background of the withering of communism and the imminent collapse of capitalism, time is ripe for exploring a more universally acceptable ‘Third Way’. Several leading thinkers like Peter Drucker and Paul Samuelson have – though guardedly – predicted that capitalism in its present form may not survive beyond the first quarter of the next century. However, the collapse of these systems cannot automatically usher in a superior world-order. Evolving a ‘Third Way’ desiderates a vast amount of preparatory work at both the intellectual and organizational levels. To pave the way for such exploration is the purpose of the essays and lectures compiles in this volume.

From the early 1970s, there has been widespread disillusionment about the paradigms of development which had been dominant since the Second World War. Many leading thinkers - both in the East and in the West - have been exploring alternatives to the West-originated concepts of progress and to the trading systems and practices derived from those concepts. It has become increasingly apparent that the current global trading regime and the prevalent resource-use policies are but modern-day incarnations of colonialism which ravaged most of the world in earlier centuries. At the ideological level, communism is now defunct, while capitalism is terminally ill.

Time is thus opportune for projecting a more humane, non-exploitative, and holistic and spiritually elevating 'Third Way'. The heritage of Hinduism and especially the all-comprehensive concept of Dharma provide guidelines for reorienting the political, economic and social life. In the present book Dattopant Thengadi, an outstanding thinker, critically analyses the present state of the world and presents the Hindu approach to economics, technology, environment, and constitutional and legal systems. He forcefully argues for modernization without westernization, and lucidly articulates the inevitability of Swadeshi for national reconstruction. Third Way is a timely and path-breaking work.



Part I
The Hindu Approach

Part II: The Hindu View
Global Economic System: The Hindu View
Quo Vadis
Humanism: western and Integral
Bharatiya Vichar
Then… and Now!

Part III: Thoughts on Constitutional and Legal Systems
Towards Indigenous Legal System
With No Comments
Our Constitution
Old Wine in New Bottle
The State as Instrument
Parties Based on Economic Ideologies
The Hindu Concept of World Order

Part IV: Swadeshi
Swadeshi- The Practical Manifestation of Patriotism
Modernisation without Westernisation
South-South Co-operation

Part V
Reach for Param Vaibhavam

Appendix I: On Revolution
Appendix II: Background Notes on some of the terms, phrases often used proverbially or which have some historical, cultural context

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