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Turmeric - Ayurveda's Spice of Life

Posted by India Club on 8/13/2016 to Spiritual
Turmeric - Ayurveda's Spice of Life

Turmeric is best known as an excellent spice for Indian
cooking. It is the basis of most Indian curries giving them their
characteristic yellow color. The herb itself has a mild spicy yet slightly
bitter taste that deepens the natural taste of food and is not too hot for
those sensitive to chilies or other strongly aromatic spices. Turmeric helps
balance the effects of other spices, blending their tastes and properties in a
synergistic manner, giving them a better flavor.

Health Benefits

Turmeric gently stimulates the digestive fire and makes the
food easier to digest and absorb. It also helps detoxify the food, killing
harmful disease causing bacteria and even parasites. In addition it improves
the quality of food, adding nutritive and blood building properties to the oils
with which it combines, particularly ghee (clarified butter), with which it has
an important affinity. It is essential to Ayurvedic diets and a helpful aid to
any gourmet cooking. In addition, it improves the skin complexion, promoting circulation
and nutrition to the surface of the body. Turmeric is an important herb for the
heart and the liver. It strengthens the heart, lowering cholesterol and
preventing heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. It is a mild blood thinner
that has no side effects and does not cause anemia.

Benefits for Women

Turmeric is a great woman’s herb, helpful for many
gynecological problems. It mildly promotes menstruation, relieves menstrual
pain and cramping, is great for countering PMS, and helps build the blood. It
helps guard against or even remove cysts in the breast or uterus, and is a good
guard against breast cancer. It helps strengthen the female reproductive organs
and aid in their proper formation in young women, while helping, soothing and
harmonizing the body during menopause.

Text from the book, Turmeric the Ayurvedic Spice of Life

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