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Uttar Falguni (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)
Uttar Falguni (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)

Uttar Falguni (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)

by Suchitra Sen

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RE/TV Centre


NA - Year: 2004 - Pages: NA


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Suchitra Sen
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Author: Suchitra Sen
Bikash Roy/
Director/Composer/Na: Asit Sen/Robin Chatterjee
Publisher: RE/TV Centre
Year: 2004
Language: Bengali
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


Debjani (Suchitra Sen) is forced to marry the rakish Rakhal (Kalipada Chakraborty) who then tries to initiate her into prostitution. Pregnant with Rakhal's child, she escapes from him and while on the train tries to commit suicide but is rescued by the madam of a singing house (Chhaya Devi) and brought to her kotha in Lucknow where she gives birth to a daughter, Suparna, and becomes the courtesan Pannabai.

As Rakhal traces her out continues to harass and blackmail her, she escapes once again to Calcutta and has Suparna admitted in a missionary school and distances herself from her so that her daughter can grow up in a good, clean environment. She meets her former lover, a barrister, Manish Roy (Bikash Roy) who after hearing her tragic tale wants to marry her but Debjani will not let him soil his name. She however asks him to take care of Suparna. Manish agrees, becoming Suparna's guardian.

Years Pass, Pannabai is now older with a heart ailment. The adult Suparna (Suchitra Sen again), brought up by Manish as his niece, returns from abroad, also having become a lawyer in love with her senior Indranil (Dlip Mukherjee) who works as Manish's assistant. When Rakhal realizes that Suparna is his daughter, he comes back to blackmail her threatening to expose Suparna's true identity. Debjani shoots him dead. In court, she is defended by Manish. Suparna is against Manish taking this case of a characterless, fallen woman whom she despises but when Manish tells her Debjani's true story and reveals her true identity to her, she defends Debjani in court, revealing her own true identity in the process...

Suchitra Sen, Bikash Roy, Chhaya Devi, Dilip Mukherjee,
Kalipada Chakraborty

Director: Asit Sen

Screenplay: Nripendra Chatterjee

Audiography: Nripen Paul, Sujit Sarkar

Cinemtography: Anil Gupta, Jyotish Laha

Music: Robin Chatterjee

Produced by: Uttam Kumar

Year: 1963

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