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Vegetables and Curries for all Seasons
Vegetables and Curries for all Seasons

Vegetables and Curries for all Seasons

by Kanchan G Kabra

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UBS Publishers


9788174766212 - Year: 2008 - Pages: 94



Kanchan G Kabra
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Author: Kanchan G Kabra
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 94
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174766212


Vegetables are the life of every meal. When the food is served, the first dish you would look for is the green pick of the day? And after that comes the turn of rest of the dishes. Lots & lots of vegetables are available in the market. But still everyday a house wife has a problem to decide the vegetables in the menu.

This book is the answer to their problems. I have tried to give a variety of exotic recipes from Aloo Mutter to Malai Baby corn. Simple Vegetables to stuffed delicacies, from dals to Punjabi preparations. All are included inside the folds of this book and I am sure that they would be of immense help to all.

If you have guests, regale them with this treasure in your hands. Selected a dish from every or any category viz. Punjabi vegetables or Paneer Preparation or Stuffed vegetables and or Dal. You can choose the combination that suits your pocket, time and complements the rest of the menu.

So, get ready to throw a party or simply dazzle your everyday meal, I will help you in the kitchen


From the Bread Basket


Breads without stuffing
Phulka/ Roti/ Chapati
Ajwaini Roti
Roomali Roti
Tawa Parantha / Sada Parantha
Khasta Parantha
Lachha Parantha
Satte ki Ghee wali Roti
Rajasthani Puri
Palak Puri
Beetroot Puri
Three-in-one Puri
Dal ki Puri
Makkai ki Roti
Jowar ki Roti
Stuffed Makkai ki Roti
Bajre ki Roti
Stuffed Bajre ki Roti
Methi na Dhebra
Dudhi na Thepla
Masala Puri
Sada Bhatura
Instant Bhatura
Sada Kucha
Saffron Kulcha
Onion Leshun Kulcha
Lehsun Kulcha
Hara Dania Pyaaz Kulcha
Missi Roti
Butter Naan
Paneer Naan
Cheese Naan
Cheese Lehsun Naan

Basic Parantha Dough-I [For Single Layered Stuffed Parantha]
Basic Parantha Green Dough-II [For Single Layered Stuffed Parantha]
Double Layered Parantha [With Uneven Stuffing-I]
Double Layered Parantha [With Uneven Stuffing-II]
Potato Parantha [Aloo Parantha]
Potato Cottage Cheese Parantha [Aloo Paneer Parantha]
Potato Green Peas Parantha [Aloo Mutter Parantha]
Potato Onion Parantha [Aloo Pyaaz Parantha]
Potato Cauliflower Parantha [Aloo Gobhi Parantha]
Potato Fenugreek Parantha [Aloo Methi Parantha]
Potato Spinach Parantha [Aloo Palak Parantha]
Potato Sprout Parantha [Aloo Ankurit Moong Parantha]
Onion Parantha [Pyaaz Parantha]
Onion Mint Parantha [Pyaaz Pudina Parantha]
Cauliflower Parantha [Gobhi Parantha]
Cauliflower Paneer Parantha [Gobhi Paneer Parantha]
Cauliflower Cheese Parantha [Gobhi Cheese Parantha]
Cauliflower Green Peas Parantha [Gobhi Mutter Parantha]
Cauliflower Mint Parantha [Gobhi Pudina Paratha]
Cauliflower Spinach Parantha [Gobhi Palak Parantha
Cauliflower Fenugreek Parantha [Gobhi Methi Parantha]
Radish Parantha [Plain Mooli Parantha]
Radish Cottage Cheese Parantha [Mooli Paneer Parantha]
Radish Fenugreek Parantha [Mooli Methi Parantha]
Radish Spinach Parantha [Mooli Palak Parantha]
Spinach Parantha [Palak Parantha]
Spinach Cottage Cheese Parantha [Palak Paneer Parantha]
Spinach Cheese Parantha [Palak Paneer Cheese Parantha]
Spinach Fenugreek Cottage Cheese [Palak Methi Psneer Parantha]
Papadum Parantha [Plain Papad Parantha]
Papadum Onion Parantha [Papad Pyaaz Parantha]
Papad Cottage Cheese \Parantha [Papad Cheede Paratha
Papad Cheese Parantha [Papad Cheese Parantha]

Red Kidney Beans Parantha [Rajma Parantha]
Red Kidney Beans Cheese Parantha [Rajma Cheese Parantha]
Red Kidney Beans & Cottage Cheese [Rajma Paneer Parantha]
Kidney Beans Mint Parantha [Rajma Pudina Parantha]
Green Peas Parantha [Mutter Parantha]
Green Peas Cottage Cheese Parantha [Mutter Paneer Parantha]
Green Peas Cheese Parathana [Mutter Cheese Parantha]
Green Peas Babycorn Parantha [Mutter Baby Corn Parantha]
Peas Spring Onion Galic Parantha [Mutter Pyaaz Lehsun Parantha]

Sprouts Parantha [Ankurit Dhan Parantha]
Sprouts Cheese Parantha [Ankur Cheese Parantha]
Sprouts Cottage Cheese Parantha [Ankur Paneer Parantha]
Mint Cottage Cheese Parantha [Pudina Paneer Parantha]
Soyabean Parantha [Soyabean Parantha]
Soyabean Cottage Cheese Parantha [Soyabean Paneer Parantha]
Soyabean Onion Parantha [Soyabean Pyaaz Parantha]
Spring Onion Parantha [Hara Pyaaz Paratha]
Bottle Gourd Cottage Cheese Parantha [Dudhi Paneer Parantha]
Bottle Gourd Cheese Parantha [Dudhi Cheese Parantha]
Bottle Gourd Garlic Parantha [Dudhi Lehsun Parantha]
Tomato Cauliflower Parantha [Tamatar Baby bCorn Parantha]
Papad Onion Tomato Parantha [Papad Pyaaz Tamatar Parantha]
Green Peas Tomato Parantha [Mutter Tamatar Parantha]
Cottage Cheese Parantha [Paneer Parantha]
Cheese Bread [Cheese Parantha]
Cheese Garlic Parantha [Cheese Lehsun Paranth]
Carrot Cottage Cheese Parantha [Gajar Paneer Parantha]
Capsicum Cheese Parantha [Shimla Mirch Cheese Parantha]
Capsicum Cottage Cheese Parantha [Shimla Mirch Paneer Parantha]
Capsicum Potato Parantha [Shimla Mirch Aloo Parantha]
Capsicum Cauliflower Parantha [Shimla Mirch Gobhi Parantha]
Capsicum Onion Parantha [Shimla Mirch Pyaaz Parantha]
All-in –one Parantha [Mila-Jula Parantha]
Chinese Parantha
Shahi Parantha
Low Calorie Parantha

Garlic Chutney [Lehsun Chutney]
Tamarind Chutney [Imli Chutney]
Green Coriander Chutney [Dhaniya Chutney]
Mint Chutney [Pudina Chutney]
Onion Tomato Chutney [Pyaaz Tamatar Chutney]
Mint Coriander Chutney [Pudina Dhaniya Chutney]
Minty Curd Chutney [Pudina Dahi Chutney]
Tamarind Chutney with Fruits [Imli ki Phalwali Chutney]
Onion Chutney [Pyaaz Chutney]
Raw Mango Chutney [Keri Chutney]
Guava Chutney [Amrood Chutney]
Raisin and Pineapple Chutney [Kismis Ananas Chutney]
Green Coconut Chutney [Nariyal Chutney]
Gujarati Dhokla Chutney

Instant Vegetable Pickle[Sabziyon ka Achaar]
Mustard Chilli Pickle [Rai Mirch Achaar]
Sweet Lemon Pickle[Nimbu Achaar –Khatta]
Sweet n’ Sour Lemon Pickle [Nimbu Achaar-Khatta Mitha]
Raw Mango Pickle [Kachhi Keri Achaar]
Asafoetida Pickle[Hing ka Achaar]
Garlic Pickle [Lehsun Achaar]
Onion Pickle [Pyaaz Achaar]
Mexican Chillies [Nimbu Mirch Sirkewalli]
Gujarati Raw Mango Sweet Pickle [Gujarati Chhundo]
Radish Pickle [Mooli Achaar]

Onion Rings [Pyaaz ke Lachhe]
Mixed Salad [Kachumber]
Papaya Salad [Papita ka Chhin]
Radish Salad [Mooli Salad]
Ginger Chilli Salad [Adrak Mirch Salad]
Raw Mango and Onion Sambal [Kachhi Keri Churi]
Cabbage Carnival [Gobhi ka Salad]


Dry Fruit Buttermilk [Mewa Lassi]
Rose Buttermilk [Gulab Lassi]
Sweetened Buttermilk [Mithi Lassi]
Salted Buttermilk [Namkeen Lassi]
Seasoned Buttermilk [Masala Chaas]
Apple Buttermilk [Seb Lassi]
Orange Buttermilk [Santra Lassi]
Pineapple Buttermilk [Aam Lassi]
Alphonso Buttermilk [Aam Lassi]
Papaya Buttermilk [Papita Lassi]

Parantha Masala
Garam Masala
Cottage Cheese [Paneer]
Fresh Curd

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