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Walking the Walk  -  A Karma Yoga Manual
Walking the Walk - A Karma Yoga Manual

Walking the Walk - A Karma Yoga Manual

by Swami Tyagananda

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Sri Ramakrishna Math


9788178836652 - Year: 2017 - Pages: 129



Swami Tyagananda
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Author: Swami Tyagananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 129
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178836652


Vivekananda’s class talks on karma yoga were given in New York in the months of December 1895 and January 1896-four classes for beginners and four for advanced students. His book karma yoga (included in the first volume of his Complete Works) comprises the transcripts of these eight class talks. But insights that are a part of karma yoga can be found in the rest of his literature as well.

In this book I have made an effort to bring together his insights related to the study and practice of karma yoga and, in so doing, express my understanding of Vivekananda’s approach to the subject. The book can be read as a commentary on his teachings on karma yoga, but it is not intended to replace the original class talks. It is not the purpose of commentaries to be surrogates.

The structure of this book is simple. The introductory chapter explores the meaning and scope of yoga. It also examines Vivekananda’s classification of yoga into four categories, showing how it cuts across religious boundaries and provides a genuinely universal way to understand spiritual disciplines. The second chapter examines the elements of the karma theory essential to understanding the method of karma yoga. Each of Vivekananda’s four yogas has a “key” with which to unlock its potential. The key of karma yoga is detachment, which is the focus of the third chapter.

While the first three chapters deal with understanding karma yoga, the fourth chapter is about the karma yoga practice. Right understanding is essential for right practice. We cannot put something to practical use until we know clearly what that something is. Conceptual clarity often paves the way to optimal practice. The fourth chapter is an attempted answer to the question.

Serious students of karma yoga will find at least something in this book to get them started on a systematic daily practice. After all, as Vivekananda wrote in a letter: “There are books by the million. Oh, for an ounce of practice!”


Karma yoga is the attaining of freedom through unselfish work. The karma yogi need not believe in any doctrine whatsoever, not even in God. When we will be able to work without any motive-neither for money, nor for fame, nor for anything else – each of us will be a Buddha, and out of us will come the power to work in such a manner as will transform the world.
= Swami Vivekananda











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