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Wives of the Holy Prophet
Wives of the Holy Prophet

Wives of the Holy Prophet

by Fida Husain Malik

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Adam Publishers


8174350233 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 159



Fida Husain Malik
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Author: Fida Husain Malik
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 159
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174350233


From the Book Introduction:

Before the advent of Islam, Arabia was steeped in barbarism. The Arab standard of morality was low and sensual, if not totally immoral. Economic conditions were appalling and social service an anathema. Religion was a mockery. People worshipped idols and trees, stocks and stones. They imagined that God dwelt in natural objects and phenomena and worshipped anything which their imagination associated with power and terror.

The average Arab had no moral conception of right and wrong except the love of taboos (idols) he had inherited from his tribe. Loot, murder and arson were their normal pursuits besides rearing of camels and goats.

In a society where tribal wars and bloodshed were the order of the day, and wheremthe victorious slaughtered mal4es and carried off woemn and children as spoils of war, it is but natural that there should be a preponderance of females over the males, so that the surplus women posed a problem for which polyygamy was the obvious remedy.

This book is a sincere endeavor to undo some of their mischiefs and to neutralize the poison seeping through the ages. It is to be hoped that it will remove all misunderstandings in respect of the Prophet’s connubial alliances and foster a true appreciation of the noble and sublime motives underlying his political unions with superannuated windows of powerful tribes who were the greatest danger to the very existence of Islam.

The Prophet's noble and gentle disposition, the ardency of his desire to serve the weak and the helpless, his solicitude for the destitute and the hungry, his straightforwardness and nobility of character which won for him the title of al-Amin (the Trust worthy) from the nobility of Mecca, his veracity, his commiserating sympathy for the suffering and the downtrodden, his steadfast devotion and loyalty to his first wife Khadija. A lady senior to him by nearly fifteen years-are some of the facts that go to prove that though, later on, he married more than one wife, his motive in doing so was expediency, not the gratification of lust.

On receiving God's command for proclaiming the faith of Islam he hailed the people from Mount Safa’ in the following Words: “Would you, O people of Quraish, believe me if I said that behind this mountain there was a vast army poised for attack?” “Why, of course,” was their unanimous reply, “you never made a false statement”, “Then”, said the Prophet, “I warn you of an impending calamity (if you persist in your fetishism and refuse to recognize the omnipotence of Allah).” And he further added: “So far as my knowledge is concerned, no one has brought a better gift than me which will not only give you a true way of salvation in the next world but an honorable worldly mode of living. I swear by God that I am the last man to convey to you any wrong message or any lie or misguidance.”

The people were filled with awe at this clarion call and the solemnity of his warning. In him they found in general a true messenger and a guide, so everyone began to follow him.



Chapter I: The Condition of Women before Islam
Chapter II: Status of Woman after the Advent of Islam
Chapter III: Polygamy in Islam
Chapter IV: Purdah
Chapter V: Mothers of the Faithful: Khadijah
Mothers of the Faithful: Sawdah
Mothers of the Faithful: ‘A‘ishah
Mothers of the Faithful: Hafsah
Mothers of the Faithful: Zaynab Bint Khuzaymah
Mothers of the Faithful: Umm Salamah
Mothers of the Faithful: Juwayriyah
Mothers of the Faithful: Zaynab Bint Jahsh
Mothers of the Faithful: Umm Habibah
Mothers of the Faithful: Safiyyah
Mothers of the Faithful: Maymunah
Mothers of the Faithful: Maryam Qibtiyah
Chapter VI: Conclusion

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