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Yeh Bharat     (HINDI)
Yeh Bharat (HINDI)

Yeh Bharat (HINDI)

by Sheela Dhar

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Publication Division


8123007248 - Year: 1974 - Pages: 193



Sheela Dhar

Author: Sheela Dhar
Publisher: Publication Division
Year: 1974
Language: Hindi
Pages: 193
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123007248


This book was published to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Indian Republic. Communication with the young readers is achieved through visual materials familiar to the Indian eye. The main thrust of the content is Indian culture and the Indian way of life. Traditional motifs child. As such the original design and format of the pages is an integral part of the author's intention.

The present volume is therefore a reprint rather than a revised edition. At the same time there, are minor factual changes relating to population and development which will be helpful to the child who is reading the book today more than twenty years after it first appeared.


This book is intended for children who are beginning to ask adult questions about India. Since this stage of questioning might come before or after the age of twelve, no specific age is being mentioned. To children who accept and do yet ask, this book offers an opportunity to understand their involvement with India. It tries to say in easy and simple language what India is, where it is going and what it might now mean to the rest of the world. The book describes the efforts of India during the last forty-eighty years and discusses how the quality of the changed in this country since we become independent.

What is the Indian way of life that we are always talking about? What is the meaning to the Youngster of today of such terms as faith, heroism hard work and social transformation, which he comes across again and again? If economic progress is the most important consideration for a country as it something appears to be why should any young Indian want to stay here if he has an option to go elsewhere? Is the culture of which so much is heard still there? If so how does manifest itself? What is Indian-mess the link which we all have with the remotest villager and with the Indian of a Thousand years ago?' Developments in the economic political and sociological spheres are considered in trying to answers these and related questions.

The present volume is intended to be a companion to the Children's History of India, where no dates have been used in the narrative. Here too the emphasis rather than on mere facts and figures.

The design of the book is of special interest. Communication is achieved through visual materials familiar to the Indian eye. Traditional motifs from classical tribal folk and modern art blend comfortably with contemporary black-and-white photographs to project and interpret each theme. It is hoped that the picture and the world will endure together in the young reader's mind and that the child's memory wilt refer to them with increasingly significant recognition. In the sense this is a book that may grow along with the child.


1. A Matter of belonging
2. Sharing the homeland
3. What is Indian-ness?
4. The best time to be young
5. A Hundred years ago
6. How we won freedom
7. A house of our own
8. The Way finder
9. Our kind of plan
10. Where the people are king
11. The importance of wanting things
12. The head of the family
13. Time table for five years
14. Living on the Land
15. Agriculture means a hundred things
16. The Battle plan
17. To wipe every tear from every eye
18. Then and now
19. The village that stood first
20. Is anything changing
21. Becoming a new person
22. What is wrong us
23. The meaning of a problem
24. Painting magic
25. Coloring the world

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