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Reversing Imbalances with Ayurveda

Posted by India Club on 8/14/2016 to Spiritual
Reversing Imbalances with Ayurveda
The problem with modern medicine is that current diagnostic tools can only pick up pathologies. They CANNOT detect imbalances in the early stages. This means they are waiting for an imbalance to bloom into a disease before acting.

Turmeric - Ayurveda's Spice of Life

Posted by India Club on 8/13/2016 to Spiritual
Turmeric - Ayurveda's Spice of Life
Turmeric is best known as an excellent spice for Indian
cooking. It is the basis of most Indian curries giving them their
characteristic yellow color. The herb itself has a mild spicy yet slightly
bitter taste that deepens the natural taste of food and is not too hot for
those sensitive to chilies or other strongly aromatic spices. Turmeric helps
balance the effects of other spices, blending their tastes and properties in a
synergistic manner, giving them a better flavor.